Waiting lletz results ...panicking

Hi Ladies,

I'm so scared,I had a routine smear (previous was 5 years ago -normal) I 'm 31 and have 6 years old girl.

my smear came strage ,letter says: Your recent smear test shows some changes in cells in your servix also called Dyskaryosis.

Letter doesn't say how severe or what grade is.The colposcopist did not say eather.She told me I'll receive LLETZ as well same day and have to wait results .

colposcopy done on 13.06.2017 LLETZ done same time.

I've asked her is it cancer and she says that she think this is not cancer but she can't say anything before results.

So now I'm freaked out!!!!

the leflet they gave me for LLETZ says that this is not cancer and LLETZ it is not a choice of treatment for cervical cancer

So I'm so cofused now.I don't know what kind of Dyskaryosis or what CIN....

Any one with same situation???

Hi kapmeh,


I'm not in the same situation as you as I did get a grading of my abnormal cells after my smear as severe dyskaryosis (CIN 3).  I too had a colposcopy and LLETZ treatment on the same day, 6th June and am now anxiously awaiting results. 


If you are worried about the type of cells you had it could be worth ringing GP or hospital where you had colposcopy to see if they can give you the information. I think the not knowing and the waiting are worse than the treatments themselves! 


I also had a colposcopy in may which came back as high grade but I don't know what grade etc. I know in Dec I was CIN 1/2. I'm presuming I'm now higher than that as I went back in on the 6th June and had a lletz done. I've not heard anything off them yet. The waiting is horrible and I know how you are feeling. Big hugs and I hope you get some good news soon x