Post Chemoradiation Check Up

Hi All
I’ve been (im)patiently waiting on my 6 week check up appointment (I’m 5 weeks post treatment) and today it’s arrived and it’s for the 1st of June.
I finished treatment on the 18th of March and was told by the brachy nurses at the Glasgow hospital that I was attending, that I would have my check up in 6 weeks time…not 11 weeks.
Has anyone else had to wait this long?
When I had my brachy, some women had little chats with their consultants re how their treatment was going and I never…I had to wait 5 hours to speak to mine as I demanded that someone speak to me before I left. Now I’m going out my head with worry as not only did he not really tell me much (except that treatment “was doing what it was supposed to be doing”) but now I’ve more or less skipped an appointment.
Now am I panicking or is this just the way my bust consultant does business.
Thanks x

Hi Pauline,

I have been receiving my treatment in Edinburgh, i finished my treatment on the 11th of Feb this year. My consultant at the time said that my follow up would be 8-10 weeks. My appointment is not until the 16th of May which will be 15 weeks from my treatment. I did get the opportunity to speak to the consultant before the end of my treatment. He said then that things had gone very well and from the last scan I had before the end of my treatment that it looked like the cancer had gone. 

i got through my treatment well without too many issues with side effects and I've been wondering if my appointment was made further away for this reason, prioritising people who have had more problems. 

I did phone the hospital to ask why it was so far away and the just said that this was normal.


although I have been well since my treatment I just want to know for sure everything is ok so I can move on and I'm sure this is how you must be feeling too. 

Sending you lots of luck when your appointment comes xx

Thanks Claire, they sure know how to play with our emotions don't they?!? 

I phoned Macmillan to query with them and they made me feel worse as they said that 11weeks seemed a long time to them and advised that I phone consultant.

Phoned and spoke with a very irate secretary who told me that this was the first appt they could give as they're having a staffing crisis and that I was lucky my clinic hadn't been cancelled completely.....obviously way too stressful, dealing with patient queries lol Anyhow, she told me that if I had a concern then they would see me and address the concern but I would still have to go for the planned check up to see if treatment had been successful.

I'll wait my turn, reluctantly!

Thanks for the reply and good luck with your results


ps The radiotherapy nurse also said to make sure that I am using dilator size 3 before I get my check up as internal may be more uncomfortable if I don' least the late appt gives us more time for this x

Hi Pauline,

I think my first check-up was at something like 10 and a half weeks if that helps.

be lucky :-)