How long did you have to wait

How long did you have to wait post treatment for your outcomes? 

I finished 9 weeks ago and so far have only had ano appointment to see how I am coping with the side affects of treatment and that was at week 6. As yet I have no scans booked but another appointment for 2nd Dec to go back and see her. 

 It does seem that It depends greatly on where in the country you are as to how the do things. 

I am struggling right now with the renewed waiting game and just coming on here today and seeing the amount of good news posts has reduced me to panic that there is going to be a reason for the wait. My kids too are asking when we will know.  By the next appointment we will have waited 14 weeks. 


i am so sorry that you are being left in the dark.

i hope others will respond so you get a good idea on what the average wait is.

i finished chemorads on23rd December and I had an MRI scan on 6th February and was seen by my oncologist a few days later.

Why don't you call her or her secretary or the nurse to get some answers? It is only fair that they should tell you what your follow-up plan entails!

Hope you get your scan soon.

Big hugs,



Thanks for your reply. I'm sure I'm not the only 1 to have waited this long but that doesn't make it an easier. 

I'm also over the moon for those who have had good news. We are just ready now as a family to move on with whatever comes next and need to know.

Like a lot of things in this country there seems to be no consistency throughout and everywhere is different. 

My cns will be getting a call as I don't feel like I can get through another 5 weeks like thia. 

Yet again this crappy thing has control x

Oh Erin I am sorry they are keeping you waiting!

I had an appointment a few weeks after finishing brachy, he then sent me for an MRI scan which was 5 weeks post brachytherapy and then I had an appointment five days later for results (was supposed to be two weeks but they had a cancellation). I did ask why it was so soon as most seem later and he said it was because it is better earlier if I had to have surgery.


I would definitely be kicking up a fuss xx

Hey I was given an appointment plan by my clinical trials nurse so my first appointment was 4 weeks after treatment, then 12 weeks after treatment and then every 3 months for MRI and meetings for three years then it goes down to every six months for two years.

At the start when I had loads of questions I got hold of a few hospital staff contact cards which was good as I could email or call their direct line. Get in touch with your oncology team and see about the plan or who can be your point of call. Youre right not to underestimate peace of mind.

Hi Erin,

How are you getting on, any progress?