treatment all done now worry has set in

Hi all,


I have just finished 28 radio 4 chemo and 2 brachy, after my 1st brachy the consultant informed me all is going well and my tumour has shrunk alot. I was very pleased that it has shrunk and was feeling very positive, the last few days the panic has kicked in and am worried I won't get the all clear and if I do it will come back!


I have an appointment to see my consultant on the 21st of August which will be 6 weeks after I finished treatment, can anyone please advise what happens at this appointment as I don't know what to expect.


Many thanks in advance,


Laura xx

Hi Laurann,

I have had the exact same treatment as you Hun, but I am a little further ahead - I see my consultant on Friday !!!!! I am excited & nervous - just hope it's good news .... I have been told that he will examine me internally - apparently they can tell a lot by doing that ... I don't think I will be offered a scan - not just yet anyway ... All I can say is that I will let you know what happens once I have been on Friday ..... Chin up chick ... We have got this !!!!


Hi Samantha,


Thanks for your reply. I spoke to my gyne nurse and she said they will do internal and then will have a scan 3-6 months later.

Good luck for your appointment tomorrow and let me know how you get on.


Laura xx

Hi Lauren! Yes I had the same treatment as you and the 6 week check up post treatment check up as well - they did an internal and then scanned me 3 months later..they can tell alot from the 6 week check up.. how you are healing etc keep positive the odds are on your side :) xxx

Hi Laura

I had my 6 week check up on 1 July. I thought I would get a scan and maybe a blood test but didn't. I got a physical examination and the doctor said "everything looks fine" I wasn't very reasurred by this but as long as I don't get any symptoms such as bleeding or pelvic pain I can assume I'm ok. I thought a scan would be necessary to confirm I'm "ok" but was told that there would be too much scar tissue for a scan to be conclusive. It takes a bit of time but you just need to relax and accept that things are ok when they tell you. I've got my next check up on 2 Sept. I'm a really worrier and that doesn't help so I'm aware that I need to be positive and realise I have had good news and take each day as it comes. Hopefully thoughts of cancer will eventually be at the back of my mind and not the front as the weeks and months go by.


P.S. I had the same treatment as you for the same stage cancer. You will get an "ok" too. We were luck It was early and we caught it on time.  



i also had same treatment had my first six week checkup which was just an internal and scan booked for three months got to think positive xxx