Advice on results process

Hi ladies,

I'm just after some advice/info on the results process post treatment.

I finished my treatment last week (6th October) and have a follow up with my Consultant to see how I've got on in 8 weeks, on 27TH November.

I know it is normal to wait 8 weeks, but there has been no mention whatsoever on when my MRI will be. My Nurse told me it may be a few weeks after that follow up, is that normal? I just feel that an appointment with my consultant in 8 weeks seems pointless if I've had no scan.





Hi Hani

I had my first follow up six weeks after the end of treatment which was really just a chat to see how things were going then six weeks after that I had my MRI then a couple of days later my next clinic appointment with the results.  I think you will find each hospital have a slightly different way of dealing with appointments. 

Hope all goes well for you


It just seems such a long time! Eight weeks before my follow up and then I don't know how long I'll wait for a scan. I was hoping to know before Christmas, my partner booked for us to go away and I'm definitely going to be cancelling if I don't know, I'll just be a wreck >_<.

I'd like to speak to someone at my hospital but no idea who to call really.

Thanks again,


Hi Hani,

why don't you call your nurse and tell her you have a holiday booked and were hoping to have your MRI booked before you go away? Worth a  call? Or maybe you can speak to your consultant? I know some oncologists like to wait 12 weeks before they send you for a scan but others will scan you after 6-8 weeks.


Stay well,



Hi Naz,

That's my current plan but the only contact details I have are for the main hospital switchboard or triage. So will call the main line Monday but I'm really not sure who to ask for! I've gor my gynae advice nurse, otherwise not had a specific person to speak to.

I guessI'm just in that stage I was warned about, of feeling pretty abandoned!

Thanks for the advice,



Call the main line and ask if your consultant/onco has a PA you can speak to?

someone must be able to advise you.

i would have thought your gynae nurse would be able to as well.

Don't give up, someone on Monday should be able to get the ball rolling.

You are not asking for the impossible here, you are in a situation where you don't know what should be happening next but  as for the team looking after you they should know as they have been in that position before and quite frankly it is their job to guide you and reassure you and make things happen. 

I am so sorry you have to go through this. Look after yourself.

Let us know how you get on.

Big hugs,