Possible abnormalities 7 years after cervical cancer

Hi all I had stage 1A2 cervical cancer in 2015 which was treated with a LLETZ loop excision.

Horrendous at the time as you can imagine but all my colposcopies have been ok since. Today I had my 7th colposcopy and three biopsies were taken as there were three pale whiteish areas that appeared. My consultant said it looks like HPV could be present again but having read info online I’m getting panicky about it being cancer again.

Can anyone provide any info or experience of this? I have yearly check ups (but last two years before today haven’t been by my consultant, someone else due to covid). He is definitely more thorough.

He took three punch biopsies from these three areas. I am so scared again. I have a little girl now and I can’t stop thinking the worst. Apparently I won’t get results for about 3 weeks. This waiting is so awful.

Thank you for reading.


Ah - the pesky HPV. It is possible that changes have started, but try not to panic. If you’ve had regular colposcopies (brilliant - I wish I’d had this) the chances are any changes are early and will be treatable. Take heart - it’s terrifying (we all understand) but I think you need to keep positive while you wait and just tackle the outcome when it arises. At 7 years clear this is not the same cancer… x

Hi Jacks thank you for your reply. You think it could be cancer again then? Surely with checks every year it isn’t at this stage?

Although my cancer was picked up on my second smear (when I was 28) and my smear at 25 was clear…but I still don’t know how cervical cancer developed in 3 years. My understanding is that it’s much slower growing.

Sorry, panicky message again. I’ve also tried calling the helpline tonight to talk to someone and it kept cutting me off :frowning: is there an issue with the helpline anyone know?

Lucinda x

No, I wouldn’t think it would be cancer - just possibly cell changes because of the HPV. Because of your regular colposcopies I would think it EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that it’s cancer. Please take heart - I know the fear never goes when you’ve had the big C.

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Thank you for your kindness and reassurance. I need to try and calm down until I receive biopsy results.

I didn’t know about this forum 7 years ago. What an amazing group of inspirational women supporting each other; thank you x

Hi LucindaR

So sorry about this recent dilemma you are going through. I’m 5 years post treatment and have had a few scares during that time so I think I can empathise.

You could e-mail support@jostrust.org.uk to find out if there is an issue with the helpline. Or try calling the office tomorrow on 0808 802 8000.


Thanks Jazza- It’s so nice to talk to people who understand. It’s horrible to be catapulted back to 7 years ago and how scared I was then. I’m trying to think logically about the possible outcomes given my regular check ups but my mind keeps running away. I don’t understand three separate white areas! Three different areas of cell changes?! And how this may have been missed for the last couple of years. They said HPV wasn’t present at my last two check ups so my smear wasn’t even tested for any abnormal cells (as per the new national protocol) but now suddenly there are three areas of likely HPV?!! In a year- can this happen? Like others, I’m frightened the pandemic has affected my care the last couple of years.

These are my rambling thoughts. Thank you again and sorry you have felt similar Jazza :frowning: xxx

Hi all in addition to the above- I think all the paste they put on to stop the bleeding after a biopsy has now come away- but now I’m getting a pinky/brown watery discharge. I wouldn’t have thought twice about this had it been straight after my biopsy (was on Wednesday) but just starting now?! I’m scared it’s not because of the biopsy…and that’s it’s just abnormal bleeding…


I think this sounds normal. I had 2 colposcopies with LLETZ and both times I had a couple of days loosing the paste then nothing for a few days before the frankly horrible (and not mentioned in any of the NHS leaflets) healing process started. Hope you’re feeling better now