Second time colposcopy worried

Hi all

I’m very worried so any help would be great, 2 years ago I had my smear, HVP+ and abominal cell change, after a biopsy I found it it was high CN2/3, I got Letz to remove the area, got a smear again in Nov unfortunately nothing has changed still have HVP+ and having to go go back to colposcopy, is this normal I’m really scared and worried as I’m only 27, I can’t stop crying and very scared

Thank you

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Hi There, hope you’re doing ok? I am in a similar position to yourself. I had HPV detected with low grade abnormal cells around 3 years ago. Colposcopy biopsy came back with CIN2. I had LLETZ treatment to remove it in 2019. I then had a follow up smear on 2020 and that came back negative for both hpv and cell abnormalities. My results for my Dec 2022 smear came back with HpV and low grade abnormal cells again so I am now awaiting a colposcopy appt letter, i know the nhs are struggling to catch up after covid so the wait for an appointment could be longer than normal.

I think the main thing is to try not to let it take over your life (I know that a easier said than done at times). There are over 150 differing types of HPV so it’s likely that we all might get it in our lifetime! Research has show that in a lot of cases (not all) hpv is the cause of cell abnormality. The purpose of a smear is to catch the abnormalities before they became something more sinister so you have done the right thing going for your regular test :slight_smile: this is something we have zero control over. Even using condoms can’t protect against hpv 100% as it can be in the skin around the genitals not just inside. It is a real pain and i totally understand the feeling of being anxious and stressed. But you’re on the right path, and you’re not alone, it’s much more common than you might think. I am 36 and I wish to have a family and this sort of thing can really make me feel like that’s never gonna happen. But we need to stay strong, women are fierce! Just keeps swimming as dory says haha! And talk about it as much as you can, let people know your thoughts, worries, fears. It will be ok :slight_smile:

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