Abnormal cells have returned?

Hello! New to this forum! 

So for the last 4 years I've had abnormal smears, going back every 6 months. Had a baby in between so big gap. After my son was born in 2018 a smear was done right away. Again showed changes so repeat smears. Then in mid 2020 my results were HPV positive. So was went to colposcopy where a biopsy was taken. Results showed CIN2 so had cold coagulation was done in sept 2020. Follow up smear was done in March 2021. 7 weeks passed and I hadn't heard! So called gp and was told the results were in and showed changes, conveniently got the letter the next day saying HPV was not found but changes shown. And I would get a letter in 8 weeks for colposcopy. I was wondering what it means if changes have shown again but not HPV? Feeling a bit worried about it all. Thought after treatment that would be the end of abnormal cells. 

Thanks Jen x

Hi Jen,

Sorry you're going through this.

I don't know about cold coagulation as I had a lletz procedure. Could it be possible that the cold coagulation has helped clear the HPV infection but didn't manage to get all the abnormal cells? Perhaps it's worth ringing the colposcopy clinic to discuss it or making an appointment with your GP. It does seem promising that the HPV is not there. Apparently, if there is no HPV present then there is no driving force to make the abnormality worse.

Let us know how you get on,


Hi there,

My last result was similar. No HPV but abnormal cells but as I like you had previous abnormal smears etc I think they'll want to check things out and make sure you're getting any treatment you might need. As Dreamland says, maybe there were a few cells left behind that need to be treated. 

I think as your appt isn't for 8 weeks you're not high priority, and I waited over 12 weeks for my colposcopy appt following an abnormal smear but due to Covid backlog mainly I think.

Hope that helps, but your GP or nurse might be able to look at your smear test result if that helps.

Best wishes, xxx