HPV Positive

Hi All, a few years ago when I was 21 I had bleeding between periods I went to the doctors and they referred me straight for a colposcopy where I was found to have cervical ectropion and cell changes CIN1 and CIN2, I was offered treatment to have these removed which I took, It was cold coagulation treatment.
In November last year I received my letter to go for my first smear since the cell changes, I had this done in December and received my results the beginning of this month. It was found that I am HPV positive but they could not find any abnormal cells in the sample but they still want me to go for a colposcopy because of my history a few years ago with abnormal cells.

I am just very scared in case they find anymore abnormal cells or worse, I am only 24 (nearly 25) and me and my boyfriend were planning to start trying for a baby this year. It just gets me very anxious in case any of this will effect me getting pregnant.

Has anyone got any advice?

Hi Everyone

Just an update I had my colposcopy yesterday and luckily there are no abnormal cells, yes I am HPV positive but she checked my cervix and sprayed the liquids on to see if anything abnormal appeared but said everything is looking good no abnormal cells present, so she said my immune system seems to be doing what it should and fighting the hpv. I am so relieved she has said I can now wait for my next smear in 3 years unless I have any problems in the mean time. 

I feel for all of you out there as I know how it feels, the waiting is the worst part. I hope everything works out for everyone!

Congratulations. I am really happy that your colposcopy has brought back good results. Good luck with starting your family!