HPV positive & Abnormal cells

I was meant to have my first smear but it was cancelled due to covid. I rebooked in when I could but had to cancel. I then started having bleeding in between periods so I called up and had it booked. I had my smear test 6 weeks ago and didn’t hear back - called every week and finally last night I was told I am HPV positive and have abnormal cells so need to go for a colposcopy. I am terrified.

The receptionist was awful and said she’d never seen some stuff on my results before, and that it doesn’t sound good and I need to call back today for further clarification from the doctor. I’m now awaiting that call but terrified that her saying that means it’s very serious.

I have health anxiety as it is and I’m so worried I’m going to be stage 4 even though it’s not even confirmed as cancer yet. I just wanted some advice on how to cope with the worry of it all, and what the likelihood of me having stage 4 at 28 years old is? I haven’t had children yet and it’s definitely something I’m now regretting as I don’t want to miss my chance.

Thanks, KC

Just a reply to this, I’ve spoken to my doctor and it’s HPV positive with low grade abnormal cells. He seems to think that it’s nothing to worry about but has booked me in for a colscopy. I have to wait for the letter for the date. I feel a bit more relieved as he’s saying it’s not cancerous cells but also seen people on here and other forums have it regraded after the colposcopy so I’m still a bit anxious to have that done and find out for sure. Still looking for any advice from anyone who’s been in this position and what the outcome was.

Hello, sorry I don’t have the answers you need yet, but I’m in the same position as you if that helps at all!

I had the exact same results from my smear test earlier this year and I’ve just had my colposcopy biopsy the other day! I won’t find out the results about the biopsy for 4-6 weeks but just after initial observation I was told things look good so far (whatever that means! I think if they visibly see lots of abnormal cells, they tell you that during the procedure?). During my appointment, the colposcopist and nurses were extremely friendly so made the experience as nice as possible (I actually found it more comfortable than the smear test!) I was nervous going into it because I had read so many times that it can last between 10-15 minutes but the actual time from the speculum being inserted and then removed for me was only about 5 minutes which was such a relief.

From what you’ve said and what I’ve read online, it’s rare that your results from a colposcopy will come back as cervical cancer just like that… I believe the potential results from the biopsy are likely to include CIN, CIN2, CIN3, CGIN and SMILE… which are various cell changes or determine the severity of “pre-cancerous cells” rather than cervical cancer itself.

Hopefully hearing my experience so far in the same/similar position gives some support you’re after!

*I’m not a doctor or a nurse btw, solely speaking from my own research and experience


Thank you so much for your detailed reply. It has really helped to calm my nerves. I’m so glad your experience at the colposcopy was good and I’m hoping mine is the same. I am anxious about waiting for the colposcopy and also if they upgrade it to a higher level of cell change but feel reassured that it is unlikely to be cervical cancer. I’ll keep you updated! Please update when you’ve had your results if you feel comfortable :heart: thanks again!



So my colposcopy is booked for 29th November so a bit more reassured as its not on the 2 week pathway but ofc that doesn’t necessarily matter as they could regrade at the colposcopy. I’m still having terrible health anxiety and unfortunately I’ve started bleeding again outside my period which is concerning. Any advice for the colposcopy from anyone here? I’m hoping my mum can come with me as I don’t want to go alone but not sure yet. I’m in bits worrying I’m definitely going to be told I have cancer. It’s scary having to wait even if it’s meant to technically be a good thing I’m not on the pathway. I just want to be told I’m okay.

On the same topic, I stupidly googled mouth cancer as I have a slight abrasion in my mouth and it says you’re more likely to get it if you have HPV so now I’m even more concerned. I’m waiting to be booked in privately with a dentist and wondered if anyone who had HPV was diagnosed with mouth cancer?

I had my colposcopy yesterday, even though i am a qualified nurse i was bricking it .
I was diagnosed as having HPV at my smear test 12 months ago, was told to come back for a repeat in 12 months time. Had a repeat in October which came back with HPV and low grade Dyskaryosis .

So as i said my appointment was yesterday and to mother nature decided to add insult to injury and give me a visit too :roll_eyes: yay go me …I was nervous and worried as hell.
As soon as the nurse met me she made me feel at ease . And the femle colposcopist was super sweet too which is important when you are entrusting your lady parts for scruntiny ! She explained everything that she was about to do and i had the opportunity to ask anything i wanted. I was asked to strip from the waist down and put a gown on . You are then asked to sit in a really comfy chair that has feet rests …not the stirups of yester year .
Just like a smear the speculum was gently placed in . All the while we talked and laughed about different things . I had a biopsy too , i was told to cough and it was over no pain , no nothing really . And that was it …all over . I was given a pad … but given Aunty Flow was already visiting i had my own.
I dressed and then had another sit down chat with the colposcopist and had the chance for any final questions and she told me what to expect next. I will be sent the results of my biopsy in 4 weeks ish and she went through what may happen depending on the results . So i left knowing what to expect in all scenarios .
I felt so much better to know and not be in the dark about what to expect . I hope my experience helps to alay some of your fears and worries .

You have got this lovely x


To my biggest surprise, I just received my results today and found out that the biopsies taken show low grade abnormality - CIN 1.

The letter says that this abnormality usually goes away on its own so I don’t need another follow up appointment but will need another smear again in a year!

It was such a relief to get the results so I can stop waiting and fretting over it! Even if my results were different and I needed more to be done, I would’ve been happy to have found out so early and be able to progress with what needs to be done!

That’s good you have a date for your colposcopy! Hopefully your mum can attend it with you, but if not please don’t be stressed about it (I know that’s easier said than done) but like Libby1 has also said the colposcopist and nurses are exceptional - remember they do this daily and know how to comfort different people in the right ways!!


That is awesome news Kath1 !!! So pleased for you . Heres hoping mine are as quick xx


That’s great news! So glad to hear!

I’m still 3 weeks away so trying not to worry but on top of it, I’ve just been dentist and now referred to the Maxillofacial unit as they can see a mass on my chin from the xray! The dentist didn’t seem worried, and didn’t say it would be an urgent referral but I just now feel like I’m absolutely riddled with cancer from top to toe and that there will never be any good news for me.

I feel so down and out, I thought the dentist would say everything is fine but sadly that’s not the case. From the dentists perspective he said he couldn’t see anything from the teeth above the mass that’s concerning, but the fact I’m now being referred to a hospital is scaring me. I feel hopeless and that this is just the beginning of the bad news to come :frowning:


Aw KellieC, please try to not put 2 and 2 together because you’ll only stress more about it all! Try and think of them as two completely separate minor occurrences that need addressing until you know more. The more you worry about things, the more stress you’ll put on yourself. Try and distract yourself in between with work, hobbies, seeing friends and family etc! Think of it as a good thing that you’re being referred to the right places to get answers/help which may be turn out to have just been precautionary but at least you’re able to see the right people and are doing something about your worries xx


Hi there, I had similar scare and was sent for a colscopy. The procedure is uncomfortable but not painful. If they think you need the cells removed, like they did mine, they’ll numb you inside and basically laser it away, then take some photos & biopsy to be sent off to confirm all abnormal cells are removed. I had some period like pains for a few days after, some bleeding and smelly discharge - makes you feel gross I admit but it lasted about 2weeks and was all fine again after. The abnormal cells don’t mean cancer necessarily but cells that could develop into cancer if left for years untreated. I had CIN3 cells so high risk, but now my results have come back with no abnormal cells left, just the virus left, waiting for letter to confirm next steps. Easier said than done, but try not to worry too much and stay away from Google! Hope it all goes well xx


So happy for you! Thank you for replying, it has really helped ease my fears and I’m feeling much more comfortable about going for the colposcopy!