Second colposcopy needed

Hi, just after abit of reassurance because I’m feeling very anxious :frowning: had my first smear test a few years ago and it came back with abnormal cells and I ended up having a colposcopy and the loop treatment. Had a smear 6 months later and it said I still had HPV so needed another one in 12 months to check up. Just got my results from that smear and I’ve been invited for another colposcopy due to abnormal cells again :frowning: has anyone else had this? Should I expect anything different at my colposcopy this time?

Hi Lucy, I have been scanning the forum and I came across your post and you sound like you are in a similar situation to me. I am 31 and in June I had an HPV+ smear and high grade cell changes. I went for a colposcopy and had a small loop treatment. I just had my follow up smear this Jan, 7 months later and I am still HPV positive and now low grade cell changes. I have been trying to be really healthy taking my vitamins etc. so I was a bit upset to find out I still had HPV and that the cells had changed again so quickly. Let me know how you got on? xx

Im the same! First smear age 25 had severe changes so i had the loop treatment, follow up was HPV positive but no changes and then this january it came back with moderate so back to colposcopy on tuesday. It’s so reassuring they can catch stuff but I’m scared I’ve only got so much cervix they can take and i want to have kids one day. So sorry youre in the same boat - let us know how it goes!

Ah I really appreciate you both answering! :grin: annoyingly I ended up getting Covid so my colposcopy hasn’t actually happened yet, it’s rebooked in for next week now just want it out the way :). And yeah we all sound in the same boat, I just don’t understand why this hpv won’t go away? I hope your both okay anyway! And be sure to keep me updated on your results I will as well xxx

Hi Lucy, I had the same HPV and CIN3 twice. The treatment is the same, they offered the LLETZ treatment there and then again. Just had my 6 month check up today. Hope your doing ok, I was really surprised to have got the same results again. I spent hours on here searching for recurrent changes. Happy to answer any questions xx

Hiya, went this morning and they basically said there’s no problem doing the loop treatment again however if i want to have children in future theyd advise only doing this for CIN3 (ive got CIN2). I think even then theyd say you can wait as CIN3 gives you a 30% chance of getting cancer in 10 to 15 years. The risk for pregnancies is premature birth but i think from reading on here there is stuff they can do that means you can still have a baby safely, just slightly more risk than without having had the loop treatment. She said some women just struggle to fight HPV off so you can keep having this issue, but just because it hasnt gone yet doesnt mean it never will. Definitely feels better having been - hope yours goes ok, xx

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Hey Ladies! I am so grateful I found this site and this post! I have had high grade HPV, not 16,18, for 5+ years. Started out at 29 with CIN 1 and I have had 2 colposcopy’s with cin1 and now two years later I am having a 3rd Colposcopy as they think my pap may have had high grade changes but it was undetermined. My exact concerns are in here for OP. So they do the LEEP and then the HPV sticks around like it has the last 5 years and causes it again? I am terrified of the sexual effects/period effects of LEEP. Has anyone considered just doing a hysterectomy? I am 34 and do not want cancer but also don’t want sexual side effects, period side effects, etc. What’s your thoughts? I’m kinda feeling like my age is against my in clearing of HPV… Should I just get rid of the cervix all together? Does hysterectomy cause more side effects than LEEP? So many questions and I feel like my practitioner doesn’t give thorough answers as to side effects of any of these procedures

Hi guys, had my colposcopy rearranged for the other day forgot to update! Had some punch biopsy’s taken and now just waiting 4/6 weeks for the results for them so fingers crossed! Hopefully they come back soon so I can forget all about this till my next smear :smile:

Hi, I got my biopsy results back as CIN2 pre cancerous cells and just told me to await a plan of care, has anyone else had this?