Positive update 3rd checkup after chemorads

hello lovelies,


I had my 3rd check up after my chemorads treatment today and everything looked just fine, no evidence of disease.


My gyneacologist did an internal exam both vaginaly as well as my back passage ( really don't like those but ah well, I am.past all shame by now)


He had me.laughing out loud when he said I had a really nice stretchy and deep vagina. I mean, that is quite the compliment right?

I.was told I.could stop using my dilators since everything looked just normal and healthy, no scarring or adhesions, and told my husband to do the dilating ( past all shame...)


 I did get HRT ( tibolon?) wich I will start taking tomorow

So there. Done and dusted,  another three.months of freedom

Yay! Well done and fantastic news! Will raise a glass to your ongoing very good health :-) 

Great news Izzy!

And please let me know how it goes with your HRT, I've been on mine ( birth control pills) for 8 days now. And for seem reason it's been giving me really bad hot flashes.hopefully it's just my body adjusting , but before the pills I hadn't had a hot flash in a long time , now I'm extremely hot.

Compliment indeed Izzzy laughing Great news! Now we just as to learn not to stress a whole three months before the next check. 

x Maria


Hi Izzy, hi Guys, sorry ive been gone a few months. Sometimes when i feel a little bit anxious i try to not think to much and i stay off for a while. I took in some foster kittens (they were 3 days old) and i went to the Netherlands for a vacation.

IZZY im so happy for you! You are doing great! Almost a year out! Yessssss ???

Hope everybody is doing great! My checkups have been good too! 

Suzanne, fantastic news xxx

Aw that's great news Izzy! I'm hot on your heels with my third checkup due in a couple of weeks and 'year post treatment' anniversary in a month or so.  It's been strange for me passing the one year anniversary of diagnosis/treatment etc as I'm sure it is for everyone but on the whole life has returned to normal and I go through three month stints of forgetting that I'm a cancer survivor....until it's time for the next checkup.

Good to read your update x