Good News!!!

Hi All

Consultants meeting today, and i got given the all clear - Yeah woop.  Clear margins in cervix and no cancer anywhere else whatsoever!!! No more treatments.

i broke down in tears when told the news, sheer relief.

i will have to go on HRT but that's ok and i need to go to my GP for that.  i am definitely experiencing menopausal symptoms, night time sweats that would make me believe i've had a bucket of water thrown on me.  So i look forward to those going.

It's been a rollercoaster of 2 months from diagnosis to this point.  And i definitely know that everyone on this site has made the journey a lot easier.

3 weeks post surgery, i am quite pleasantly surprised at the speed of my recovery, wind issues have passed (no pun intended) no pain mediation needed now, 1 week left of injections and my surgical stockings are now a "loved" part of my wardrobe ;-). Afternoon naps are also now part of the daily routine.

thanks all for reading!



Amazing news! Congratulations to you :) xxx

Yay! Congratulations xxx

Congratulations!! So so pleased for you as read all your threads last night.

I hope I do as well as you. I was diagnosed yesterday and have a week to wait for my MRI. Just one day of waiting is killing me, don’t know how I’m gonna last. Any tips?

Brilliant news :)

Well done Pat!  I'm so pleased for you.  Another one of us girls who have kicked that cancers ass!!  SmileSmile

Fantastic news pat!!! Well done you!! :slight_smile: xx