Good news-3 month check

 I have just come out from seeing my oncologist. 

 My huge tumour, which was the size of my fist, has completely gone. My lymph nodes are back to normal size and I'm not due to be seen again until December. 

I had five treatments of cisplatin radiotherapy and 35 treatments of external radiation as due to a previous sexual assault I was unwilling to have internal radiation. 

Needless to say I am over the moon.


Thank you to everybody who has taken the trouble to support me. I hope you all get the results you deserve and stay in remission When you get them. 

Oh my god that is fantastic news :-) I am not suprised you are over the moon.

Time for a massive celebration xx

What happens now, when is your next check up?  I am a couple of months behind you, just finished treatment and keepingmy fingers crossed for the same results as you :-)

Fantastic news xx

Love it fab news 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


Such  good news 

Brilliant news!! xxxxx 

Wonderful news! Time to enjoy the summer! X

Thank you Miss Daisy. I was staged at 2b like you.

my next scan will be December :)

Good luck to you in waiting for your first scan. 


Thank you. I hope you get good news soon

Thanks Michelle

Thanks Lolli

Thanks, help me, I hope you continue to progress x 

Thank you, Nell

thanks tough cookie and congratulations to you too x