Another check up done, 18 months post treatment

Hi ladies

For those who don't know, I had 2B squamous and finished chemorads in November 2016. 

I know that I always am looking to see how people are getting on so thought I would share my latest.

Had another check up today. I wasn't very nervous about it as I had my EUA/Cystoscopy only 6 weeks ago. 

Anyway, all was looking and feeling good. She actually said that my vagina is looking relatively normal in length and width. I can't believe that as I have been single since diagnosis. I am quite vigilant with the dilators lately. So ladies, keep up with it. 

I told my doctor about the rectal bleeding and she wasn't concerned, as I've had it a couple of times before. 

So that's me for another 3 months (til the next check up), unless obviously a new symptom pops up which hopefully it won't. The waiting begins again. This cancer thing, "waiting" is definitely the theme.


Hope everyone is as well as they can be. Love to all!


That is great news. So happy for you. Pray all stays well:-)

Sounds pretty positive Rosie Laughing


Much love xx

That’s great Rosie, so happy for you.

Cara xxx


its great to hear you are doing well!! I have been so busy with life getting back to normalish but I do pop on now and again to catch up. I’m happy to Hear things are moving in the right direction. It really does take time to heal not just physically but mentally as well. 

Keep up the great work with everything!!! :)