Another checkup

Hi all,

I had radical histerectomy and chemoradiation in march 2017. Its been 17  months since surgery and everything is fine so far. My cc was 1b1 but there was infiltration to my right ovary , so i had the treatment.

Tomorrow i have an appointment for check up and as you can understand i am soooooo stressed. Tomorrow i will have ct and blood test and will see the oncologist for results next monday.

I dont have any complains so far,but dont know if there is anything sinister inside.

I just want to share.



Hi Idyll,

I hope your appointment went ok today.

I hate check up time as then you start worrying more all over again. I had a colposcopy check up on 20th July and haven't had the results yet so hopefully I'll get them soon as I hate waiting :(


You're in my thoughts. I have my post treatment PET scan coming up shortly and I'm comvinced its going to show up somewhere else. Really hoping it gets easier over time. 

Hi Idyll :-)

How did it go? Follow-up exams are always a really stressful time until you've got about two years of straight all clears under your belt. Really scary times I know but I hope it went well and that you have a little happy dance in your step now :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi there,

I am at the doctors office 's waiting room waiting for the doctor ....

I am really stressed !!!!!! 

Fingers crossed 

All is wellllllllll !!!!!!

My next check up is in december . I am sooo happyyy.

Hooray! :-)

Many congratulations!
Happy Xmas! :-)

Be lucky :-)