First Check up

So I had my 3 month check up today. I found it pretty uncomfortable! The dr said it has healed fine.

I thought I could feel a rough area and the dr said I may have granulation.

They are going to send me for an MRI at my next appointment in 3 months time, I had no scans at all when diagnosed. I don’t if this is because they were able to investigate when I had my cone biopsy. I had an x ray but that was it. It makes me nervous thinking I will have a scan and worry they will find something else.

I asked about auditting smears and she said they do do that but don’t always report back to patients but she said I obviously have the right to know and she will see what she can do and put a note on my file.

I don’t have any particular questions just wondered if anyone is at the same point in their journey really. I think going in today brought it all back to the forefront of my mind which made me feel a bit down. I keep worrying that I will get a nasty shock and feel nervous will all the uncertainty. x

Hi misstell :-)

Follow-ups are always a bit weird emotionally. It's a kind of limbo world, a bit like being in outer space if you get my meaning. You will get used to it though and it will become easier the longer it goes on. I hope you find someone at the same stage as you so you can walk this journey together but if not, don't worry, we're all here for you and quite a lot of us have had to walk it alone :-)

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Tivoli!

Yes you are right it's totally like being in outer space haha! I think it just brought it all back emotionally. I am still amazed that it was 3 months ago and how well my body recovered from not being able to get out of bed to walking to shops and now being almost back to normal. I think I'm just scared of the future and feel like thinking about this type of illness at my age is unusual in some ways for me anyway and makes me hy aware of life and what people cope with everyday x 

Results finally back all negative!