Check up-1 year post treatment

Hi all,

Its been almost 1 year post treatment. I will have my checkup on 28th of may, and will have blood test,abdominal usg ,chest xray before my oncologist appoinment.

I actually dont have any symptoms but as check up time is approaching i have a weird feeling that something sinister is going inside :(( 

I am trying to calm myself down but sometimes i cant :((

I just want to share,hope all goes well for each and every one of us.



Hi Hun,

I didn't want to read this and "run".  I've got my 12 month check up in June - and like you have had regular check ups since.  Every mile stone is a step in the right direction.  I hope all goes well for you.  Sometimes the mental worry is far worse just before appointments.  I know I dont sleep properly at all prior to mine!

Good luck xxxxx


I am the exact same way when its check up time. I will be feeling great and when an appointment gets closer I start feeling little niggles (which I can't even put a finger on!) and I get suspicious then the anxiety kicks in an by appointment day it's full on fear! 

I recently had scans and my oncologist called (ALL CLEAR!) however I still have an appointment with her on the 16th and I'm worrying she will see something the pet and MRI scans did not...

So I guess I'm trying to say there's good news and bad news. And it's the're human. A perfectly flawed anxiety experiencing woman. 

Hope your appointment goes well and the anxiety goes away (mostly) until your next check up ❤