Check up and worries

Hi ladies

Hope all is good for all. I have my year check up from my surgery on monday and all the worries comes back. I was woundering what r some signs of recurrences. I feel good but i did before all this. Does the worrying get any better.

Im in same boat as u with coming up to my year post treatment check, an I don't think it does get easier, I am waiting for my MRI appointment to come through an when it lands I will b a jibbering wreck.

Just think ur one step closer to the end of the journey,stay positive

Take care


I think it will always be at the back of our minds and the check ups just bring it to the fore again. My second Mri next week and I'm the same.

Great that you feel good.. so do I.. let's concentrate on that x

Best wishes mouse, mrsp  and sooze on your scans. Like sooze said feeling well is a positive sign. They took biopsies off me because i had uncontrolled  pain, stenosis and vaginal discharge. Despite the changes, i still remain cancer free. 

Scans still are a time of great anxiety though. Hopefully in a few weeks you can all take a deep breath and relax.

Take care xx 

Hi ladies :-)

It does get easier I promise! :-) Every time you get an all clear check-up a little bit of worry gets whittled away, round about the two or three year mark you tend more to regard check-ups as an opportunity to catch up with your friends at the hospital again :-) Later on it is only if you don't get an all clear that the worry returns.

Be lucky :-)