Positive HPV CIN2 news

Hello Forum,

I wanted to share my positive news story in the hope it’ll give hope and a fresh mindset for those worried about their current HPV / CIN status.

In January 2020 I tested positive for HPV and monitored with annual smears. I was still positive in 2021 & 2022(a visit to colposcopy this year too but not action needed).

In January 2023 my results came back positive with high risk HPV again but this time CIN1 detected. A second trip to colposcopy and a biopsy, this came back with CIN2 results!! I just felt that I was having no luck, had even spent the year taking mushroom supplements Ahcc.

I was advised the best thing to do was to have a lletz proceedure which I accepted and had in May 2023, 2 weeks following this I paid to have a hpv vaccine at boots (I’ve read several Medical studies suggesting this could help).

In August I fell pregnant but sadly miscarried in November and have had to wait 3 months for my smear for ‘test to cure’ and after the last 4 years of smears… which have felt rather helpless I am pleased to confirm the lletz was a success and I am HPV NEGATIVE!!

I’m so happy, it’s been such a dark cloud for so long I’m pleased I don’t have to worry about this any longer.


Hello so happy for you, I am now most probably going for my second LLETZ in April after 3 years from my first, really hoping this time it will work :see_no_evil:

Hi, was the 1st one not 100% successful ?
Positive vibes for you and the potential second x

1 Lletz was fine but I always had HPV positive result no abnormalities after treatment until my last smear that result was high grade abnormal cells again. Appointment booked for April and yes most probably Lletz again. Thanks for the positive vibes :sparkles:

Hopefully this will be the one that does it :+1:t3: blooming nuisance isn’t it. All the best.