CIN and HPV for 3 years

Hi to all the lovely ladies. I am very confused by my results I tested positive for HPV 2021,2022 and 2023 but with no abnormal cells detected. I was invited for a colposcopy and received a punch biopsy which had come back as cin 1 and to go back in one year for another smear. My concerns are why was CIN 1 not picked up on my routine smear? Should it not really be 6 months as I would feel so much happier if it was. Is the CIN 1 as I have hpv infection active? Does anyone else had the same experience and did the CIN 1 progress. Thank you


Hello Lisa
I’m not sure about the schedule. I wonder how old you are if you don’t mind sharing….maybe that affects how long they will leave between appointments. A lot of CIN does regress, there are some statistics in the info section on the main part of this website
Smears are just a tool available, they are not 100% but they usually give a good idea of what is going on. But in this case they missed your CIN1, it might be the nurse didn’t sample that part of your cervix with the smear maybe?
Best wishes

Hi there - I actually could have wrote this myself! Im 50 been hpv probably for as ive had smears, but definitely the last 3 came back hov positive. Referred for colposcopy qs my gp spotted a lesion on my cervix during my last smear. Like yourself, punch biopsy done and results CiN1 also with smear in another 12 months.
Ive decided depending on smear results that if Im not offered a colposcopy then Im going to go private to have one done. I really dont tryst smears any longer. For info around 25 year ago I had cin3 and lletz carried out. About 9 years later again abnormal smear and cin1 which they left and was told that it would probably return to normal cells. Anyhoo, here we go again with it all.
Stay positive!

Hi ladies

I am also near 50 I have been looking at going private as well but even told due to this being an ongoing issue I would not be coveted. I am
In a no win situation. I am unable to cervical cancer covered in my life insurance or income protection keeps rejecting me. I also don’t trust smears anymore and 12 months seems to be a long time to wait. I have started papillex and paplicare. I also believe hpv flares up if you pre menporsal. It’s all just a very frustrating process. I know they have only just started for the hpv virus back in 2019 we would all be unaware on this virues as out smears would of come back negative unless we had changes. I like they are they are testing but also they are causing lots of anxiety x

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I agree with u Lisa, there seems to be so much more anxiety around smears since HPV testing came in. CIN can regress even in older women. I can’t find the info but maybe you can have a look urself if you are interested but I know that it feels like a bit of a Dr. google moment