CIN1 Diagnoses

Hi everyone.

I went for my first smear test back in Feb 2023 and my results came back hpv postive and showed borderline changes. I then had a biopsy taken at the hospital back in May 2023. I have today received the news that my biopsy showed CIN1 grade cells and that I will have to have another smear test done in 12 months time. I have never been through this before and finding it really hard to process the information. I have heard that this is really common and that it shouldn’t be too much of a worry but the past few months it has all really played on my mind! Any reassurance or advice would be so appreciated. Thanks ladies xx

Hello, don’t worry CIN 1 usually clears by itself which is why they referred you back in 12 months and is usually nothing to worry about although easier said than done I know. It’s highly unlikely that will develop into anything serious and sinister in the next 12 months. Try not to worry too much things you can do to help clear it are not smoke (if you do), healthy diet with lots of vitamins, exercise and just a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck and hopefully everything goes ok for you xx

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