Hpv positive 3 years, no cell changes. Colposcopy found CIN1

Hi all,
Have a couple of questions.
I have had 3 high risk HPV positive smear test results year on year with no abnormal cells found. Because I had 3 showing persistent hpv (basically cause it hadn’t cleared in the three years) I was sent for a colposcopy.
During the colposcopy, the nurse could see a white patch of cells, and her little buzzer thing went off (I asked what that meant, and she said it picks up high grande CIN - would like to know if this has happened to anyone else?)
My results from that colposcopy were CIN1 and I was told it wouldn’t be treated and I would be invited back in a year for another smear.

I have just been for my fourth smear today, but I am now confused as to why my smears never picked up the cell changes, and I am now also afraid that the smear will again not pick up any cell changes and track the progress of the CIN1.

I am just a little confused on what to do next if my results come back the same again (high risk hpv no cell changes)

Thanks, sorry for the long post

Hello to answer your question if again HPV positive but no cell changes or only CIN 1 then is not bad news it means your body is able to keep the virus under control and is not causing any issues in your body, the chances off your body clearing the HPV are high so try and not worry. But in the scenario were your body for some reason doesn’t manage to keep HPV under control and started to create problems like higher CIN then treatment is effective . Lletz. As long as you keep going for all appointments you will be fine as if anything develops will be early and absolutely treatable in an easy way. Stress is not your friend and overthinking definitely the worst part in all this. Take care let me know how you get on

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Hi I am sick with worry and anxiety too. I had a strange period on the 5th of September, it was like old blood and was very light, hardly anything on a pad, then on the 26th of September I started bleeding again, it lasted for 13days, (8th of October) I had sex with my husband on the 12th and I bleed heavily straight after, I passed string like clots on the 23rd and the bleeding didn’t stop until the 31st, it wasn’t constantly heavy. I went to the doctor, I had a smear and swabs done, tested positive for BV, been for a blood test which showed some sort of infection (repeat blood test booked for the 21st of this month) I then had a scan which showed a clot in my womb. I’ve just received my smear results (4days ago) I’m HPV positive with high grade changes. I’m so worried and scared, I can’t sleep. I’m waiting for a letter for my colposcopy appointment. Has anyone been through the same thing? What was the outcome? I’m petrified I have cervical cancer.