HPV Positive 6 years running, Perhaps CIN 3 Changes

Hi All,

I posted in this forum around this time last year, as I had a smear which showed I was still HPV positive and high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. I had 3 biopsies taken at the time which then came back showing CIN 1, I was sent away and asked to come back in a year for another smear. I had my smear 2 weeks ago, results came back the same again so was sent for another colposcopy which I went for today.

I have to say the 3 ladies made me feel at ease sat me down and explained everything (she was actually the lady I saw back in 2017 for my first colposcopy). I feel like I should be use to the feeling of having a colposcopy by now, but always nervous to have them, she said depending on what she could see she may treat me there and then. I was having a look at the monitor and asking questions as to what we were both looking at, she again took another biopsy and we could see where the cell changes were.

Her words were I wouldn’t be surprised if the biopsy came back as CIN 3, she also didn’t want to treat me there and then as she said there was a lot of changes so would need to take quite a lot. She said I may have to have another appointment depending on the results to have the treatment under General, which in all honesty I wasn’t complaining I’m not usually squeamish but I think because I’d been so involved in looking at the monitor and having it explained it made feel a little sick!

I then drove to my mums to WFH and just burst into tears, I have no idea why, I think because the whole process feels invasive a wave of emotions came over me!

A bit of a long post sorry! just felt as though I needed to write somewhere and this is the best forum for that!

Lauren x