CIN1 twice?

Hello all,

wondering if anyone can advise. I've just had my second colposcopy with 2 punch biopsies taken. Had my first colposcopy last year with one punch biopsy taken after various smear tests over the years showing abnormal cells which have then gone back to normal. They introduced the HPV screening in my area last year and I was diagnosed as HPV positive with mild abnormalities. Last years colposcopy came back as CIN1 so I was on "watch and wait" for a year. as I said I've just had my second colposcopy after my follow smear came back the same (hpv with mild abnormalities) I have 2 questions really 1. Will I always be referred for colposcopy with my HPV status? Does it only show up on the test if it's active or can it also show when dormant? 2. What do they do if you have CIN1 twice? More watch and wait? I've been trying to find posts of people having CIN1 twice but haven't come across any so far! 

Really appriciate any advice!



Hi there,

I have had CIN 1 more than once, only my situation is a little different as I've not had any normal smears in between treatments. It's encouraging that you've found the cells have gone back to normal in the past, and that's always a possibility with CIN 1 which is why they'll often moniter to see what happens. This is a good thing as then they would pick up if the cells changed beyone CIN 1. If it stayed the same for years with the HPV, they may remove it, but it might depend on the individual hopsital/doctor.

HPV will generally only show on a test if it's active and is picked up at the time of testing, and it can be either the same virus or new one if you've changed partners. If the HPV wasn't present when they test, it would be a HPV negative result rather than a positive result. 

Hope this helps, I wish you all the best. 

Dear Twilight, 

thank you so much for your reply! It is often daunting when you are in a treatment room and usually once I've left I have lots of questions! 

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me, I hope your next check up is a positive one! Xx