HPV after colposcopy

Hi A year ago I had a Lletz procedure to remove a CIN3 and had a positive HPV result. I have had a year followup smear and  been recalled for another colposcopy because I am still testing positive for HPV. i theought HPV was a virus why do I need another colposcopy?

Hi, I just had my six month smear after having lletz for cin2 in January. The smear was normal but I tested positive for hpv, so it was back the colposcopy place for me! Luckily they didn't see anything. They do it just to be on the safe side as being positive means the stupid virus could still be affecting our cells.

It really is annoying though, I really had hoped to shift it! I'm healthy, never really get ill so why is it still there? I'm just resigning myself to six monthly smears and am grateful that I'm being kept am eye

Hope that helps x 

Being kept an eye on - sorry, using my phone to type!



My follow up smear was borderline but because I am also HPV postive I am also being called in for a colp (tomorrow eek!)

If you are still HPV positive they like to check you out to make sure it isnt causing any further abnormalities. After LLETZ the hope is that 

you become HPV negative but unfortuntaly that doesnt happen for everyone!

Was your smear clear besides the HPV?

Let us know how you get on x 

Hello, im new on here, been  to colposcopy today after test of cure showed borderline changes and hpv still present

2010 - smear cin 1 colposcopy every 6 months for biopsy

2013 -  feb cin 2 lletz

2013 - sept test of cure boarderline changes, hpv still present 

Due to the menopause and the lletz, my cervix is now sealed and they were unable to carry out an examination,

I am now waiting for an appointment to have my cervix stretched under anaesthetic, but have been told it may close up again

I am worrid that due to this i wont be able to have reliable testing, can anyone advise me please




Thanks looks like I am one of the ones that the virus doesnt shift for ! Although I am soo grateful I am in the system and being watched, I feel it is like living with a continued creeping threat. I suffer from anxiety and depression and work full time (under the threat of redundancy always) and I know my problems are miniscule in the scheme of things but sometimes it would be nice to have somewhere to turn so thank you for the replies.