HPV POSITIVE 3 + years

Hi, I will try to keep this as short as possible.

I have had High risk HPV 16 for the past 3 and half years ( 3 x yearly smears), the first was HPV with CIN1 and the last two have been HPV positive with no cell changes.

A little bit of back story: when I was 19/20 or so , I had lots of CC symptoms and had to beg the doctors to give me a smear but because of my age despite having symptoms they refused. After a while and lots of going back and fourth with the NHS, I ended up finally getting a private one done at 23 when came back CIN3. Lletz was then done and came back clear margins and smear at 6 months after was fine. I then had a smear done a year or so later (as was having irregular periods and back pain) which then came back CIN1 and then I got pregnant and my next smear/s due then has come back as stated above… HR HPV positive with no cell changes, and then the next two the same result.

My worry is that for basically the last 10 years I’ve only had one completely clear smear which was 6 months after my LLETZ and maybe that wasn’t even correct or perhaps I got reinfected when I met my husband. Either way I’m worried that despite the result saying no cell changes, that maybe there’s something more sinister going on. I’ve had stomach cramping every single day for a while now and it’s gradually got more and more painful and for lasting longer and longer (nearly most the day now). I’ve also had some irregular periods over the last few months.

My brain is thinking the worst. I have two young children and just worried that I either already have CC or it’s inevitable at this stage. Will they chose to do a hysterectomy or something even if CC negative due to the HR HPV infection persisting ?

Any info would be great. I am waiting on colposcopy but seriously contemplating just going private.

Thanks xx

Hello. My gynecologist said that some women stay HPV positive after Lletz and never have any further issues with it despite the positive result she even mentioned as much as 16 years.
I got this information because I had a Lletz for CIN3 and CGIN and all colposcopy and results are the same no cell changes but HPV 16 positive terribly annoying as I know most people just clear hpv 6 months after Lletz, so I asked the question -what happens to women that get Lletz no cell changes but HPV positive is it just a guaranteed you will definitely get issues again? And her answer was definitely not some maybe but not all.
So I am feeling a bit more relaxed and hoping that I am one of this and if I am not I can feel reassured that anything sinister will be caught in time and treated quickly. I hope this helps take care

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Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat but thank you for sharing that, I had no idea and certainly does make me feel a little better about everything :slightly_smiling_face: xx

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