Confusing 12 months! Advice needed

Hi everyone 


I'm 25 years old and was called up for my first smear early in 2014. I went for my smear and it came back abnormAl and HPV positive.

i was called in for a colcoscopy to which they took a biopsy and was diagnosed with CIN 2 changes in the June  and asked to attend LLETZ treatment. 

I attendes LLETZ treatment in the August and they tested the cells they took away, the test came back with CIN3 changes. I was really worried and confused

thinking had my cells changed from CIN 2 to CIN 3 in such a short time or was the first diagnosis incorrect. I was thankful I had gone and sorted it and in February of this year went back to hospital for my repeat smear and the results came back no abnormal cells but still HPV positive and therefore next Monday I have been asked to go for another colposcopy. 

what I can't understand is if my cells are normal what they are going to be looking for on Monday during the colcoscopy? Can anyone shed some light on this? 

Im also worried about what happens if they do spot abnormal cells again, will I just be put in a continous loop of smears and lletz treatment? 


Any help or advice anyone can give me would be appreciated as the nurses at my hospital are not very conforting or give you much info?


Hey, firstly, the biopsy that showed cin2 is only a tiny tiny piece. So when they did your lletz they took a bigger biopsy of which the worst affect area was CIN 3. It doesnt mean for sure that it progressed in such a short space of time. As for your smear showing normal result but hpv positive still, they basically need to ensure that the hpv isn't causing any bad cells to grow back on your cervix. Abnormal cells will only form if hpv is active, which yours is, but the smear isn't reliable enough for them to send you away unchecked. Now my 6 month smear after my lletz was normal & no hpv. Yet my friends was the same as yours normal smear but hpv positive. She had to go back for a colposcopy yet when they looked at her cervix they were happy with the fact that even tho hpv was active it wasn't affecting her cervix. So it was brill news, they've put us both back on 3 year smears now. But we are both getting a private one done in sept (a year from our last smear). we both had CIN 2 and 3 too. Fingers crossed yours is the same xxxx