Hpv after cin 3

I’m new here but trying to understand what is what but here goes about 4/5 years ago I had a routine smear test never thought anything more about it until I received a letter saying I had cin 3 needed colposcopy which turned out to be lletz treatment yearly smears for 3 years everything was fine until I went to a smear test yesterday I was aware my last smear came up with hpv but the nurse said yesterday you no why your booked in yearly again apparently I’ve came up with 2 positive hpv smear results & if it’s positive again I’ll be referred back to colposcopy anyone had this ? I’ve had all the symptoms again bleeding after sex etc but I’m so scared I just thought hpv goes by itself with out any problem I didn’t realize it was that serious now I’m in limbo till I get the letter on my door mat

hi @Clarey33

its always a worrying time when we have that prospect of possibly needing further investigations, especially when we have been through it all before… if this one does come back positive, as it is the 3rd positive in a row with no abnormalities detected it is just part of the normal protocol procedure to send you for a closer look this happens with everybody who gets these results, it doesnt mean you will likely need further treatment and its not necessarily a cause for concern, they are basically just covering their own backs by being overly cautious, as smears as good as they are arnt always 100%

HPV is brought under control by our immune system, on average it takes us 1-2 year for this to happen but for some it can take longer… nothing is set in stone with this virus, in some it can linger for years without causing any issues even if its caused issues before hand… cell changes are a possible reaction rather than a definitive one and long term HPV+ in no way means someone will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime xx


I am also HPV positive after Lletz but is only been 1 and a half years for me after Lletz.
I had CIN3 and CGIN I had many colposcopys appointments after Lletz around 4 (going private) all same results HPV positive no abnormal cells.
My gynecologist said some women stay positive after Lletz for many many years she said 16 or more years but it doesn’t always mean cell changes again.
Sorry you have some symptoms like bleeding after sex that was also my symptom before diagnosis ,but there is many other reasons for bleeding after sex so it may be something totally unrelated.
Please let me know how you get on as it looks like you are just a few years ahead of me on this journey . Take care and good luck