Cin3 lletz clear but now having symptoms!

Hi guys 

I wondered if you could help

I was diagnosed with Cin3 at the end of 2017 and had a lletz procedure in Jan 2018. I then had a 6 month colposcopy check up and got the results which were clear and no HPV detected in August 2018. As there was no hpv found, they have put me back on a 3 year recall.

I just assumed that having had Cin3 I'd be seen more frequently and every time I ask my gp they tell me that I don't need to have another smear until 3 years. Anyway, I find that I've been getting a weird discharge but tbh this started before the procedure and I've had all sorts of tests done but they've all come back as clear. I've read one of the symptoms is an abnormal discharge so I'm just a bit worried. 

My periods have also become very very irregular over the last 8-10 months and I wondered if this could be related?

Ive been to my gp but as usual they just fob me off. My 30th birthday is coming up and I'm just worried feeling like nobody is listening :( 


please advise :(

Hi GM,

I believe how often you are seen depends on if you have high or low grade changes. If you have cin3 with low grade changes then they are seen as less likely to turn into cancer. Cin3 with high grade would be the more risky. Were yours low grade?

Most women will have some form of discharge. Remember that a Lletz procedure is a traumatic procedure for the cervix and it may well be as a result of that. I am having a similar issue myself and I have had swabs taken to test for infection which were clear and 2 smears have both been negative (I was actually diagnosed with cc so my smears are every 3 months). 

In some cases they can cortorize the cervix further but this would really only be done with gynae say so I think. 

With regards to periods mine have also changed dramatically. This can be down to a number of things including stress and weight gain. I have definitely put on some lock down weight so that's my own fault! 

I would advise you pushing back on the Gp and asking to be tested for infection. Due to where the cervix is, it's easy for infection to grow down there and usually it doesn't go away of its own accord. You might just need a simple course of antibiotics. 

Obviously though you know your body. Don't let them fob you off, and you are entitled to a second opinion so ask for one if needed.

Good luck XXX