problem 3 yrs post cin3 lletz (TMI and children mentioned)

Hi I was wondering if anyone here could relate to this or offer advise please?  in March 2010 i was diagnosed with CIN3, a total suprise after having all normal smears previously.  This caused a lot of stress for me as i had given birth 4 months before and was convinced i was going to leave my children.  I had treatment shortly after which wwas a dreadful experience due to the consultant having no bedside manner! I had the lletz done on the same day as the colposcopy and then a few weeks later i had the results that i had CIN3 successfully removed.  I was never told if i had HPV or if i had clear margins (which everybody else seems to know?). I then had no problems at all untill last winter when i had 2 months of very light spotting 2 weeks after my period.  I went to see a GP who took one look at my cervix and said it didnt look right and made an urgent refferal to the gynagologist.  This time i saw a lovely female consultnat who was very reasurring, she looked at my cervix and said it looked perfectly normal for a cervix that had had LLETZ.  I had a scan of my womb and then an internal scan which can back normal except for a tilted womb.  I went back to see the consultant in Feb this year, she said she wasnt worried about this bleeding and it had actually stopped by then anyway.  Then in May i had a smear and the results were normal.  I have since had a few episodes of bleeding 2 weeks after my period, it is very light and tends to be brown in colour. I ignored this due to my normal smear result however last month i had one day of losing a watery discharge tainted pink. I therefore went back to the GPs and saw a different GP, he had the nurse take some swabs and she said it looked like had a ectropian and a discharge (i hadnt noticed any discharge). I therefore asked the dr to look< he had a look and said my cervix has a 2mm red patch on it and due to my history and the fact i have had some bleeding he said 'it may be cancer or over growth from LLETZ' and has referred me back to the hospital.. I guess my questions are, does this sound like cancer? can he really say that after looking at it?

My sensible side is saying to me that my cervix probably looks unusual to a GP because of the treatment or maybe it is just ectropian (erosion). However im not always sensible and i have convinved myself that all my normal smear results have been wrong and i have had CC since last year or even the results follwing the CIN3 removal was wrong and i have had cancer since the CIN3 treatment and they have missed it.

Sorry for all the info, and sorry to those that are having bigger fights than this, i just thought this was the best place to post as it would stop me lookingat Google


Thank you


Sorry can i just say the LLETZ and colposcopy was only bad because the dr was basically mute and didnt answer my questions adequaty, the process however was much more straight forward than i expected and a lot less painful than i expected.  Sorry wanyed to clarify this for those that my be due to have one soon x