cin3 9 months ago now possible CC

Hi ladies,  unfortunately I'm back asking questions.  As you can see from ny signature I had CIN3 removed a while ago. I had another smear back in November result was high risk HPV.  I had doctors this morning for smear and merena coil fitting.  The doctor said my cervix was really aggressive and as soon as she touched it, it began to bleed a lot. She did mention cancer so Didn't do the Coil.   But I'm wondering whether it's possible or if anyone who has had Cin3 lletz removal and then been diagnosed with cancer within a year? Many thanks xxxx

I guess its possible but very very unlikely i reckon.  Only a colposcopy will tell for sure. Its prob that your cervix is still irritated because of your treatment. My cervix wasnt the same for a year or two after my lletz.


All the best



Thank you for replying.  I've had a smear since and examinations for spotting and bleeding in between periods and was told thr lletz had healed well. Fingers crossed


If you look at my sig you will see i had lletz six months ago and ive just had another high grade cin3 smear result and high risk HPV so in for lletz again this month, i'm also hoping that in six months it wouldnt have turned into CC and just hope they missed some cells last time. Keep ya chin up, the waiting is rubbish but fingers crossed all is ok xx

Thank you. Hopefully it is just CIN again.  They noticed lesions on my first smear so fingers crossed. Good luck with your lletz xxx