Cin3 and hpv

Has anyone previously had clear results and then a cin3 diagnoses?im 31 I have had regular smears every 3 years all have been clear. On most recent i had a letter to state hpv and sever dyskorsis or cin3. I'm full of worry and dread the waiting for coloscopy feels like forever.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Kylie,

Sorry to hear you‘re going through this expirence! It’s not fun!

i l can’t help in the having normal smears which have gone to changes but I can offer my experience in hopes it will give you some comfort.

i turned 25 in December and booked in for my first smear in January, my smear results said I had high risk HPV and boarderline changes. i then had a colposcopy where 2 biopsies were taken, these were sent off and identified as a slightly higher grade of cells than they would expect to find in a boarderline smear - CIN2. A MDT meeting (where they discuss the results with the board) was arranged.

I got another letter saying I had an appointment for 26th March to discuss further treatment. When I went they offered two options ; watch and wait (they seem to be offering this to younger women) and see if the cells go back in 6 months, or to have the lletz. Being a worrier and that there was no guarantee the said cells could turn worse in those 6 months I opted for the lletz. I have had a really good experience with it... I had local anaesthetic and didn’t feel the three needles I had - just a slight pressure. The actual loop I didn’t feel a thing and it was over in seconds. I’ve not really had any period like pain or bleeding since (3 days post treatment) but I’ve read it can change.

now I wait for my letter following the lletz to say whether everything is okay, if I have to go back or what happens now. 

Hopefully ive helped settle your mind a little, if you do need to chat feel free to drop me a message. 

Thanks for your comment. In such a worrier and convinced somthing is wrong for it to have developed from clear to severe so fast. I have a 3 year old and that's all I can think about is having cancer and leaving him. I wish this wasnt happening to me, I'm analysing everything now every symptom I could have had or do have. I wish it was all over with and I knew where I stood.


Hi Kylie,

I can't say I have the same experience but do empathise!

I had clear smears throughout my 20s and never expected to get the letter saying there was something worth investigating (CIN1). It was a big shock after so many clear results. No one I knew ever spoke about having CIN, which made me feel like I was the only one going through it. Once I started opening up to a couple of trusted friends, I realised several had been through treatment that had all gone smoothly.

When I did go in for my first colposcopy, I worried beforehand too. The staff were so lovely and the procedure was over really quickly! The waiting was the worst part for me, but to find out what was going on in the end and knowing I was being looked after / monitored was a big relief.

I hope the wait passes quickly for you and that you get your answers soon xo


I hope someone is able to give me some sort of reassuarance, I am having a really hard time coping. 

I recieved my letter to go for my smear when I was apparoaching my 25th birthday. I booked the appointment straight away as I’ve had persistent UTI (cystitis) over the years and some pelvic pain and lots of discharge (sorry tmi) I’ve had these things investigated and was told it could be due to my ectropian but the pelvic pain has never been explained and it comes and goes, tends to flare up when I’m stressed. 

Anyway, I went for my smear and it was fine.

got a call from the colposcopy clinic saying I needed to

come in for a colposcopy as I had moderate changes.

i broke down and was sent home from work. 

I went to the colposcopy where they had a look and took biopsies to be sent off. The nurses were lovely and so reassuring saying it’s very unlikely it could be cancer and that it looked like CIN 1/ CIN 2. 

I am absolutely petrified that this is cancer and all the symptoms I’ve had previosuly have been cancer. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat properly I’m continuously crying and trying to hide all of this worry from my 6 year old daughter.

i called the hospital 2 days ago and managed to speak to a nurse as I was in a complete state, she tried to reassure me but I’m so worried these symptoms I’ve had are cancer. I’m so scared of leaving my daughter :( 

sorry for rambling I just feel so alone with this x