Polyp on cervix

Hi. I am new to this forum. I am 43years old. I have had some vaginal bleeding this week. I went to dr on Thursday and she done pelvic exam. She said my cervix didn’t look healthy and that she was referring me urgently to hospital. Which at the moment is a 5 week wait. She mentioned gynaecology and coloscopy but to be honest my mind was going elsewhere. It wasn’t until I read posts on this forum that I realised a lot of you knew why you were been referred so I contacted my drs to find out why my cervix wasn’t healthy and was told dr thinks it’s a polyp. I am trying to remain positive but I am still feeling anxious as really don’t know what to expect and don’t understand why my dr never told me at the time she thought it was a polyp and why it’s an urgent referral. Is anyone else in the same position or had a similar experience. I know everyone’s experiences are different but it would be nice to hear other people’s stories.

Hey try not to worry (easier said than done I know) I was referred urgently to colposcopy for a suspected ectropian and nabothian cysts. On my referral it said about the ectropion and cysts but also that my cervix looked unusual due to a raised, bumpy area. That bit hadn’t been mentioned to me by the nurse and I panicked, it then took four weeks to get to colposcopy as my gp messed up the referral three times :woman_facepalming:t2: I finally went Friday and the colposcopy itself was fine, actually much better than I anticipated, it’s more comfortable than a smear and the two ladies at mine couldn’t have been lovelier. It was confirmed I have ectropian and the raised bumpy area was the cysts and neither are anything to worry about. I did have two biopsies as it’s procedure to confirm the ectropian but I didn’t even feel them being done.

What I will say to you is try to stay off google as no good comes from that and remember that everybody’s situation ends up being unique to them, so even if your symptoms seem the same your outcome may not be - this was my downfall, I’d convinced myself of worst case scenario before I got there by reading others experiences and my anxiety levels were rediculous. My Apple Watch gave me a high heart rate notification whilst I was in the initial consultant before the colposcopy! :see_no_evil:

Hopefully you will be seen soon and they can put your mind at rest x


Thank you Sarlo for replying and sharing your experience. I am glad you had a positive outcome :two_hearts:.

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Hi can I please ask how you got on?

Hi Emma.
I had my Gynaecologist appointment and I was told I had cervical ectropion and the dr used silver nitrate there and then to burn it away. I was discharged from gynaecology same day. Consultant did say it can sometimes come back but hopefully that’s it.
I hope you are ok.

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Hi there thank you so much for updating us, brilliant news!
I’ve got my private gynae consultation this Friday morning and I’m absolutely petrified lol. Hopefully I’ll be alright x

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Just left the private hospital , the doctor was amazing. She removed the polyp with no local, was all very quick, I’m feeling very crampy right now but otherwise relieved it’s gone and over with :pray: hopefully the histology comes back benign now!

That’s great news to hear. Hope everything will be ok for you :heart:

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