Suspicious looking cervix

Went for my smear test on Monday, after it was done the nurse said that she wasn t happy with my cervix and called in a GP. The GP agreed with the nurse that the cervix was discoloured and some cysts were present. The area also looked swollen. I have been referred onto the 2 week pathway and have an appointment next Wednesday. Has anyone else had this experience? I haven’t even had the results of the smear yet but they are fast tracking them.

Hey. Sorry you’re going through this. I was referred to colposcopy from my smear in Nov due to the appearance of my cervix, the nurse said I had an ectropian and nabothian cysts and a raised bumpy area. I was referred under the two week wait (it took four weeks to get there as my go messed up my referral three times but that’s another story!) The ladies that did my colposcopy were lovely and confirmed the ectropian and that the raised bumpy area was caused by nabothian cysts - both are normal and common. I had two biopsies to confirm the ectropian as that’s procedure.
My best advice is try not to worry and stay away from Dr google as I ended up down a Google hole and my anxiety was sky high by the time I got to colposcopy. I hope your appointment comes through quickly and that everything goes well for you x

Thanks for the reply, fingers crossed the outcome is similar to yours. I have an appointment next Wednesday and have been told to prepare for a biopsy. It’s so hard not to google, the internet can be a curse at times! Was the biopsy painful?x

Not too long to wait thankfully. I didn’t feel the biopsy which shocked me. Keep us updated x