Hi, I'm new to this site.

I've had bleeding during intercourse and after, also pain in the right side of my abdomen and pain down the right side of my leg, if I sit forward the pain is worse, pain in my lower back.

I've seen my Gp who did an examine, she said I had a polyp on the right side of my cervix. I was sent to see a gyna Consultant who said I had a large ectropion on the anterior lip of my cervix, I had biopsies taken, I'm still awaiting results but I'm also awaiting a colposcopy. In my letter it stated that she biopsde due to the florid nature. I'm worried but also the pain is getting worse, anyone else experiencing these's problems.

Thanks in advance x

hello sweet.. I'm sorry your pain i. Getting worse and I don't really have any advice to give you but I'm sure someone else will.. I just wanted to ask you.. My Gp said she could see a growth on my cervix- she has urgently referred me for a scan and to see a gynocogist- if it was a poylp(sp) do you think she would have known this and told me??? Hope you feel better soon xx 

Hi Nicola,

I was told by my Gp it was a polyp and was sent to see a gyna under the two week rule, this worried me a lot, however apparently if a growth is seen all woman are referred under the two week rule.

as for your GP calling it a growth, different Gp use different terms. When I seen the gyne Consultant she said it was a large growth just a bit smaller than a golf ball, however again in the letter I received it was called a cervical ectropion, I guess it's just different terminology used.

hope you get it sorted soon x