New and scared (children mentioned)


I am going to write this down in the hope that someone can 0ffer me some reassurance.

I am 34 with one child. 

I have had smears on time since early 20s, normal results no HPV. I had last smear 3 years ago so having another this week.

A year and a half ago I found a lump at the edge of my cervix, hard and the size of a small pea. I saw GP who said I had an ectropion. I thought this was the lump but now realise she was talking about something else.

A few days ago I was having a feel of my cervix, felt the same lump (doesn't seem to have grown) and another on the bottom edge of my cervix. Neither lump is near the cervix opening. 


Saw my GP who confirmed the ectropion but said cervix looked healthy. Couldn't see the lumps but could feel them said she wasn't at all worried.



I went back to see another GP who did see the lumps and ectropion. He said the lumps looked like cysts (follicles) but was referring me for colposcopy for a closer loom. I asked if he thought it was cancer and he said not from what he could see.

I am freaking out massively! I cried at the GPS and he said I shouldn't be worried as clear smear 3 years ago. And he was referring me for peace of mind but I can't help thinking he saw something he's not telling me about.

I do wee a lot and have a lot of discharge but I have a uterine  and bladder prolapse so have always put it down to that.

My legs swell too if I stand for a long time but GP said that was down to me being obese and leading sedentary lifestyle.


I have suffered from health.anxiety so am thinking the worst but trying to stay clam.

Please can! 

Also my cervix is an odd shape...pointed at one side. Doctor says it's just my anatomy but I'm really worried! 

Hi Lb, 

New to this as well. Similar situation where I have been diagnosed with erosion/ectropian. Mine was due to having 2 bleeds after sex and I went to my GP for it. I've been referred for a colposcopy too. I am 36 with 2 small children. I also have health anxiety and I'm terrified I have cancer and it's been missed. I had a smear and hpv test 2 weeks ago for reassurance and they came back negative. I'm still not convinced. Tomorrow is my colposcopy. I've been living in fear since the bleeding. I dont eat or sleep. I've lost 10 pounds. Not sure this is helpful but I wanted to tell you that you arent alone. Xo Sending you love.  We can chat anytime. No one understands how this feels. Everyone thinks I am nuts. 

Also I've had more discharge like you and urinary issues. Mine is an odd one. Whenever I have a bubble bath my pelvis hurts for 2 days :(  Like you I think the worst. Practically planning my funeral. Isnt that morbid? Are you like that? My anxiety is horrid.

I am exactly like that! It's horrible the way our minds go into overdrive.


I've spoken to the first GP on phone today and she said the second GP has basically referred me to humour me and.nothing in his.notes suggests that he saw anything concerning.


Also smear this afternoon, spotting light pink blood now a couple of hours later but nurse said my cervix looked healthy so I'm feeling a little bit better.


I suppose with the ectropion the bleeding after smear should be expected? 

Yes, I would say that is completely normal! Its awful how we worry ourselves so badly.  I'm glad you got your smear done and I hope that it eases your mind. 

I'm actually at the hospital right now for my colposcopy. The anxiety is sky high but I'm glad to be at least having it done and I can stop visualizing the worst things ever. I think the waiting is probably the worst part of it all. With my wild imagination, it's pure torture really.

Also I had a bit of discharge that was brown after my smear too. I think totally normal with or without ectropian. The nurse even gave me a liner to wear as this is common. I read too that any bleeding that goes on and on and is a lot after a pap, that would be concerning. I hope this eases your mind a bit.

How did your colposcopy go? 

It went well. The dr saw no suspicious spots or anything and didnt even take a biopsy! So I'm officially discharged and can just follow up if I have any more symptoms. I only had 2 bleeds and nothing since, so I guess it was just a fluke. Also it doesnt hurt at all. Same as a pap basically! I didn't have a biopsy taken though so I'm not sure how this is but I've heard it doesnt hurt..if you have any other questions about it ask away. When is yours? 

Mines tomorrow. I'm petrified that they will find something 

How did it go Lb?