Hi, it's my first time posting anything, I am really worried, I have had really dark brown discharge, at times can be red, my GP put me on combined pill to stop bleeding, which worked for a few weeks, but started again. I was referred to a gynaecologist and saw her on Wednesday, she checked me and has now referred me on Monday to have a colposcop, would she have seen anything? Should I be worried? I can honestly say, this is the scariest time of my life. Please, if anyone has had a similar situation, could you please give me any information.

Hi, sorry to hear what your going through. I would think your doctor is sending you for a colposcopy just to investigate. I don't think they can see a huge deal just from looking but a colposcopy is like looking with binoculors so they get a good look. I had a smear and was urgently referred for a colposcopy a week later so dont be scared its just a quick process. From readling lots of other posts it seems everyone is referred quickly. I think this is all because everything is so preventable they get people through the system quickly before anything nasty could develop.

I don't know about the bleeding im afraid as I had no symptoms but I had a colposcopy and lletz treatment so I hope ive helped a little


it is a horrible time, i feel like its all very emotionally draining but this forum is great xxx

Thank you for your response, to be honest, I have tried to be positive, but the more I think about my appointment, the worse I am feeling. The gynaecologist was going to do blood tests, but ripped them up, she was then going to do a smear and said there is no point after doing an internal check. The words that stick out are that she said "even us doctors like to think the worst case scenario". I had one borderline changes smear a couple of years ago and 2 inadequate readings. Would she refer me if she hadn't seen something? And so quickly as well? 

The doctor just wants to cover all bases and make sure you have the right tests. Please don't worry too much and wait until your colposcopy which will hopefully give you some answers. It could just be that you have a cervical polyp or ectropian that's causing the bleeding. It's always best to have a look at your cervix if you have any bleeding even if they don't think there's anything wrong. x