PlsHelp!? Period was due the day I had Lletz/biopsy

I hope someone can help me here
I posted about it a few post down but I didn’t subject it right so it might not have been read or maybe no one knows the answer lol

Anyway. Period was due on the 30th March and it is a clockwork give a day either side. I track it monthly. I’m not on the pill. It hadn’t arrived the day of the colposcopy although I’d had spotting a few days before, just light tissue wipe and gone. I had biopsy and lletz done that day to ny surprise. I knew there was an abnormal smear but wasn’t expecting that. Anyway afterward I mentioned to doctor what would happen regarding my period and he said “don’t worry your period will come as normal” the nurse said “it may be a bit heavier than usual” so I expected it to arrive later that day or the day after even. Or the day after?

So I’m, I’m 6 days late and 6 days post lletz. I have mild cramp on lower left now and again and have been very tired and have had headache.
The discharge situation is now light. Watery yellow with black gritty bits. Pretty much like soot.

I guess I’m wondering could I be pregnant or is has the lletz literally stored my period in its tracks from arriving?

Can anyone help I totally don’t want to be over dramatic and go buy a hpt, never mind tell hubs I’m worried about it!


Hi Hun

Sorry you have had no response.  To be honest, it could be either.  If you have had unprotected sex it would be worth doing a test - you can get implantation spotting a few days bfore your period is due.   It could also be that you are healing from the Lletz at the moment and the blood is not getting out easily.  I would do a test to be on the safe side and then monitor if your next period comes okay.  If it doesn't then try and go back to the clinic - if the blood is still struggling to get out easily they will be able to fix it. 

Hi, Jaqui. 

It seems that everyone recovers differently from the LLETZ treatment but like Nellie said it may just be because of the treatment that it is late

if it would put your mind at rest would it be worth doing a pregnancy test. 

It is s lot of worring at this time after treatm and stress I know I'm feeling it. 

You could also ring the colposcopy clinic and ask them in sure they will give you some advice 


Kerry x


Hi, Jaqui.

I was just wondering how you were getting on with the period situation as I know it had been a worry for you.

hope you are feeling well


Hi, Jaqui.

I was just wondering how you were getting on with the period situation as I know it had been a worry for you.

hope you are feeling well


Hi girls,

I had a doctor apt today and spoke with him about it and he said it can be thr body reacting to the "trauma" so like you said Nellie prob preventing it from coming out easily?  

Anyway I had a pregnancy test done at GP and it was negative.  Weirdly wasn't expecting to be but I was disappointed lol,  I have two children but I guess I had always wanted another but all this bother with my insides has me convinced I can't have any more children.  we haven't used contraception for 6years!I'm only 35 I guess it could still happen.. Maybe pigs might fly lol 

Anyway thanks for asking after me!  

I've had a few suspicious yet familiar cramps this morning! I also bought a pack of scones  jam and cream after so um probably pms?  Lol!!! 

Hi I was due on my period the day after my lletz and it made it a few days late. Mine was also like clock work. Not on any contraception and never a day late but it came eventually. Just make sure you have some pain killers ready because mine came a lot worse than usual and suffered horrible period pains.

Feminax was my life saver lol 

Mine were always very reliable, but I completely missed one for the first time in my life during my last run of colposcopy/LLETZ/waiting for results - stress can play havoc with your body.  It finally came with a vengeance after the LLETZ when my anxiety levels dramatically dropped.

I'm now 12 days post Lletz still no period?  It was due on the 30th March? The day I went in for thr colposcopy and had the lletz and biopsy. 

Isn't that just weird? I have been having some cramps and stuff for the last week but apart from light browny pink discharge once I've had nothing else yet. Keep expecting it to arrive and nothing. 

I am dreading this monster when it does unleash itself