Period due right after colposcopy

Hi everyone

I'm new here, I had a colposcopy and was treated with LLETZ as well on mon 13th which was suppose to be the day I started my period. However it never came and all I've experienced is watery discharge (which smells and I'm concerned might be infection) and its been a week and now I'm beginning to feel bloated, cramps and get slight bleeding (which doesn't appear to be a period) I'm just a bit unsure if I'm experiencing pms or after effects of the lletz? the leaflets they give you don't tell you much! Anyone similar experience or know if the lletz can delay your period?

Thank you!

Hi Kirsty,

I had the same watery and very smelly discharge a few days after my lletz. This was an infection which could become very serious. I had to go to my gp and get antibiotics. That cleared it up in a few days. The lletz also made me totally skip my period with a little brown discharge for about 3weeks!!!
Good luck, nat x

Hi Kirsty, 


Sounds roughly similar to what I had after LLETZ, though fairly certain I had no infection. My period was due a couple of weeks after LLETZ, but as it turns out it's pretty normal to get delayed bleeding (10 days after seems to be the thing). Anyway, I am not sure I got mine and it seems to have arrived in the past couple days, but who knows... I've pretty much decided that things down there will probably be a bit weird for a bit. If you have any concerns speak to your docs, especially if there's any smelliness. 


Emma x

Thank you so much forthe reply girls. Mine came with avengence a couple of days ago. Feeling quite rubbish and sorry for myself but that's just the way it is! Still unsure if I should call the doctor about the discharge just in case!