No Period after LLETZ


I had my smear back in August I bled alot during and after that, had to go for a colposcopy in September again I bled alot during and a lot more after as had to go back to hospital after bleeding out for 3 days. Had my LLETZ on Monday and I have had no bleeding only the horrible constant discharge, moods, bloated stomach and cramps. Finished my pill on Monday as thought I would give my self a break after all this, normally if I finish my pill or miss one my body starts my period straight away never this long and I know its only 4 days but for me thats a long time and I'm starting to worry about it has any one else had this as things like this never got explained in my appointment, just that i needed to go home and relax.

Thank you

hi Blondie, I had the same experience after my colposcopy and biopsy my period was 3 days late and normally I'm bang on time having my lletz on Monday and last pill due Tuesday so I might have the same issue as you. I think its all down to hormones and your body dealing with what's happened but if your concerned phone and speak to your gp or whoever did your lletz they might be able to help xx

Thank you, I think I will just to put my mind at ease just wish there was a bit more information out there about things and that they actually explain things to you.

As in my experience its just been you get a letter to say you have to go to hospital from the results of your smear then my results seem to take ages to get back to me even though they took 2 biospsies and I was a cin 3, you would think they would want people not to panic but its all I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 months and I feel sorry for my friends and family as I havent been the nicest.

By the way you will be fine in the procedure its not as bad as oyu think its going to be at all (and I had 5 people watching 2 nurses the doctor and 2 trainee doctors) xx

Hi floppypoppy. 

Hope today went ok for you

clare xx

hiya Clare, yeah went okay thanks, the gyn had a bit of problem keeping the speculum in and kept shoving it about like he was stoking a fire which annoyed me and at some point during the lletz hit something which wasn't numb which made me jump but so far alright just cramping and mild periods pain type things but no bleeding just discharge (sorry TMI) I asked the gyn about periods being completely unusual and he said hes never heard of the biopsy causing problems for periods but recommended I dont have my pill break to give my cervix time to heal!! How you feeling now?? Any luck with your periods? Xxxx


ha oh that doesn't sound too great, that's what I was like with the injection then he was like relax ha how can u with people fertiling around lol!

no I didn't have the bleeding just the horrible discharge which I was and still am so self conscious about, I must be keeping the sanitary towel world going all by my self lol!

I'm staying off my pill for another week I think. Just to give my body arrest :-)

yeah thankfully it started Monday but if it carries on how it is at the min that's fine with me 

I feel fine now. Hope your ok xxx