Newbie post Lletz advice needed

Hi everyone, 


New to Jos Trust.


I had my abnormal smear results on 21st Nov 14 as high grade dyskaryosis.

I had a colposcopy and biospy on 19th Dec 14, results were CIN3.


I have then had colposcopy and Lletz procedure on 13th Feb 15.


I am now awaiting my results. 


I am on the phasic pill the one with different levels of hormones at different times

during the month.  The nurse advised me not to have my 7day break and continue

my pill packet.  She never asked what pill I was on and I note that you have to be

more careful not having a break on phasic pill.

The point to this was it was 10days after the Lletz procedure so I would know

if the bleeding was from the Lletz or my period.


Now for the TMI part... after my Lletz I have only had a dark cream discharge

which hasn't smelt or anything.  I had no pain straight after but was really tired

and suffering with bloating since.  I would have started my period yesterday

and have now started bleeding as though I am having my period.  It looks like

a period even though I'm still taking my pill and I've not had any bleeding 

from the Lletz before this. It doesn't look like how everyone else described 

theres no black bits or anything yet.


I'm confused as to whether this is my period or the Lletz bleeding?


Just waiting for my results now. How long does the bloating last?


Thanks :)

Hi honey

I had the exact same situation. I had my cone biopsy done, and 2 days later came to the end of a pill cycle.

Nobody advised me against taking my break so I did (and I kind of thought...well, I'm in pain and bleeding anyway so may as well get it all over with in one hit).

I didn't bleed at all for 5 days, just had watery discharge, then on day 5 I started bleeding but never knew whether it was my period or the LLETZ.

To be honest though, I don't think it matters. I can only imagine she told you to wait so you knew if you were bleeding too heavily and something was wrong...

If you are soaking a pad an hour, they say to go to the hospital. That would not be normal for most periods, so I think you would still know if something was not right.

I would not worry too much. As long as you feel ok, and there is no bad smell, or the bleeding is not scarily heavy, just let nature do its thing :)

Hope you have a good recovery and clear results


Sorry should have added - I was bloated for about 2 weeks afterwards.

And I also did not have any black bits etc... I had that after the biopsy, because of the silver nitrate, but not noticeably with the LLETZ which I put down to them having done a better job of sealing the wounds.



Thanks with all the TMI posts i was expecting it too be worse so unless like you say they did a good job cauterising it.  Yeah it was so I could tell what the bleeding was from. Its not that bad just couldnt tell what it was from! 

It doesnt smell overly bad obviously it has a smell like your period smells but just has a slightly diff smell.

Just waiting on my results.  Dont know whether to wait until my 6mth check up after results to start trying for a baby.  The Dr said I didnt necessarily have to wait just dont know whats for best. 

I didnt have a cone biopsy just normal biopsy. It does worry me that they dont seem to bothered in monitoring people early pregnancy or measuring your cervix as to whether you need stitch when you read peoples stories.


Fingers crossed on results! :)



Its now 2 weeks since my Lletz thought I was doing ok.  Yesterday i probably did a little bit too much but rested then went to work today.  Just come home as its started bleeding fresh blood. At min its not loads its just been a bit and then stopped off a little bit. Im worried now as its fresh what i should do how long to monitor it etc? :-/