Please read i dont know what to do! :(

Hi guys...i hope this finds all of you lovely ladies well.


Firstly i have had PCOS for 3 years....currently under control :D


For the last 7ish months i have had a lot of brown discharge and finally decided to get it looked at in May as i was worried. The doctor said i had an enlarged cervix and due to my symptoms she referrred me for a ultrasound and a gynaecologist app. I had the Ultrasound a week later - confirmed PCOS, everything else fine. Vaginal swabs came back clear for infection. I saw the doctor again as she wanted to go through the next steps and results and she said that the gynaecologist can check for any untoward things like cervical cancer....and the stress began! I went through the scared/anxious/emotional stage and then finally (4 weeks later) the app for the gynaecologist came! I was so relieved as i knew that if there was anything wrong it would be sorted out. I was in their for approx 4 minutes. She said all my symptoms are for PCOS and wouldnt examine me???? I told her that the 3 consultants i have spoken to have categorically said that IT IS DEFINATELY NOT TO DO WITH PCOS....but she said it is....Then discharged me.


For the last two days i have been experiencing low back pain (one side though strangely) and stomach cramps...even though i am midway through my cycle. The doctors wont help as i have now been discharged from the gynaeocologist. I am not worried or anxious anymore i am just really bloody angry. Do i have a right to feel this way? What should i do? Im too young for a smear and so now im just waiting 6months for that :/


Please give me your thoughts! Thankyou!!

Big hugs sounds like you are worried which is a horrible time.  I would go back to gp on Monday and demand (in a nice way of course) that you are referrets to a different gynae hospital that you are not happy she didn't look at you. Maybe take someone older with you for back up. 

You can go for your smear 6 months early apparently but I am sure in this situation they should offer you a smear at the very least. 

Sometimes you have to be adamant with doctors in my experience. Or the other option would be to pay privately for smear about £40 and you can transfer back to nhs at any time.

Best wishes xx

You definitely need a referral. Go back to the Dr and kindly tell them, it's important and your worried. 

I'm  back and ask to see another doctor, I have pcos and brown discharge is not somthing that happens with it, I was diagnosed at 16 and am now 28. It maybe nothing but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you explain to them what has happened and I would take some one with you that will help you get your point across

Thank you guys :) I appreciate your comments...they are going to refer me again when my doc is off of leave..grrr...and then once they do that itll be another few weeks. They also said 100% no smear until im over 25....I hate all of the waiting! 

Tell them the bleeding is bothering you and you want to go for a colposcopy, has your gp examined your cervix? If not go to a gum clinic, they are more clued up on what's right down there and they can sometimes refer you themselves.

You definitely need a referral. My only warning something was amiss was a discharge similar to what you are describing. I was very fortunate in that I have a fabulous GP that sorted evetthing for me. I don't want to alarm you, and it may be something completely unrelated, but if these experiences teach us nothing else it's to listen to what our bodies tell us. They don't do these unusual things for no reason. Have they given you any idea how long you are going to have to wait for this 2nd referral and is it likely to be back to the same gynaecologist?

I wish you all the best and hope you get some answers very soon.

Rachel xx