Advice welcome please!!

Hi, rather than searching online and getting worried, I thought I would post on here for some real advice from people who may know. I went to the doctors as have dark brown discharge for about 6months. Ive been a bit concerned but felt embarassed so didnt get checked. I went to the doctors last friday and she gave me a smear test and the results came back negative for infections. She said my cervix was swollen (no idea what this means) and that she could see the build up ofdischarge when examining me. she has today referred me to get a ultrasound and gaenocology appoinment and should get these two appointments in the post in the next few weeks. I dont know what this means? She said shes looking for anything untoward which could be diagnosed and treated and wants further examinations for my cervix and ovaries. I asked if this could mean cancer and she said that obviously she doesnt.know. can anyone tell me what this means? Does this mean they will be.looking for this as well as other things? Or these appointments have nothing to do with cancer? I know its stupidly rare too as im only 24. Any advice would be great. I feel neurotic! Thank you

Hello Serenity :-)

It could be any one of a whole heap of things. Your gynaecology exam will be examining you thoroughly and hopefully it will be a fairly straightforward matter to identify what's causing your symptoms. 

You are really sensible to come here asking instead of trying to use Google to self-diagnose because here you will get straight answers from real people who have been throught it themselves.

If it makes you feel any better, I had cancer and my discharge was not dark brown.

Be lucky


I hope so! I wouldnt have cared but everything went so quick and I thought she would brush it off. I have pcso so maybe its that! I had an ultrasound last year due to months of bleeding and they diagnosed me with pcos so hopefully its that playing up! 


Thank you for your comment! :)