frustrated and fed up..

HI, I've been reading on here for a while and it has helped so much with context and putting my situation into some sort of perspective.

I've been having strange goings on since dec last year. Things have really started to bother me properly since around Jan. I always had regular periods until Jan. They were getting much heaviner and more painful, and seemed to last longer too. I passed it off as hormonal etc etc. (34 with 2 kids). Then i started getting pain in my upper and inner thighs, that has become constant and seems to affect my knees too (look puffy round there too, im quite petite so noticed this, doc seemed unconerned)

 I visited docs and was given usual wishy washy response. I happened to have a smear due and was surprised to get borderline result with high risk hpv. After reading on here i was able to gain some perspective and stop myself worrying to much... however, the leg pain, cramping, odd bleeding (mucousy and pale pink sometimes) in between periods gp has referred me for an ultrasound, been waiting a month and when i rang to follow up as i hadnt heard, i was told theyre 'at least' ten wks behind. I have colposcopy on the 14th may (smear was in feb) . The other worrisome 'situation' i have discovered after having a feel 'down there' and having a look, is that i KNOW things look different.. i appear to have 'bulges' protruding..definetly not how i usually look. I've read about uterine prolapse etc but wouldnt this be a coincidence considering symtoms and smear result.?


I'm trying to put it all to the back of my mind and just wait for the appointments, this is getting increasingly harder as the dull pains are constant,my lower back and hips ache and these 'protrusions' are now there..

It is starting to get me down as i havent felt 'right' for a while now.

My gp said once i have an ultrasound then i'll likely be referred to a gyno from there, and they'll do a pelvic exam..

i havent been back to the gp since noticing my unsightly bulges.. its so hard to get an apmnt and am tired of the wishy washy responses. She did give me iron tablets as i was slightly anemic, and tablets if periods etc get to heavy.

Should i push the gp to be seen sooner, the thought of all this dragging on and on feeling the way i already do is very depressing.

should i request a pelivc exam in light of  my 'new look'?

have found a lot of courage and insight from reading posts and info on here.




Yes bec - See the gp or practice nurse and get checked out. Shy bairns get nowt and if getting seen sooner means a few less days worry that's a good thing.

Good luck.

Hiya, Thanks for the reply. I don't think its a question of being shy, its just that some days  i think im over reacting and its no big deal, and other days i think the worst and am scared of what they may say on examination. I never get the feeling of any sense of urgency from the gp etc so i suppose ive just told myself its nothing. Although after actually writing all my symptoms down ive realised they do need addressing sooner rather than later..

i can see you have been and are dealing with a lot so thank you for taking time to respond to my rant :)



Hi, Definitely go back to the Drs, if you have a prolapse you need it sorting and to know how to prevent it getting worse (I'm currently having treatment for mine). Discuss your fears with them and the symptoms you've been having and see if you can get fast tracked. Jade xx

Hi,Alway's best to get things sorted ASAP.Alway's a good place to come for answers on Jo's.


Becky x

Thank you so much ladies for the advice.

Jade, can i ask if your prolapse is related to your diagnosis?

I will try and discuss my fears with the gp and see where it gets me..if i can get an apmnt that ir..arghh

Thanks again for your replies :)

Hi Jane, Mine is a bladder prolapse, they think I've probably had it since I gave birth to my daughter as I had a very long period of 'pushing' but it's only now become a problem since my radical hysterectomy to treat cc. So no, it wasn't caused by my cancer :) Start doing your pelvic floor exercises, they really do help and don't take any crap off the drs xx

Thankyou, yes i will start doing them.. i also had a long period of pushing with my first son (was 13 yrs ago now though so would've thought if it was going to be an issue it would've long before now?) part of me can't help thinking/worrying its something more sinister :(

I will be more insistant with the doctor,hoping to get an apmnt tmrw after work.

Thanks again for the advice, this all does feel a bit of a lonely rd.

I know what you mean, all you can do is make sure the go understands your fears. Let us know how you get on, make sure you mention it at your colposcopy appointment too xx

Ok managed to get an apmnt with the GP. I told her about my concerns and the way i look 'down there' and continuing pain. She didn't offer or mention having a look (I've not has a pelvic exam for a few years, even at smear) She did however say, you obviously need to see a Gyno, next available apmnt 27th June. She said to mention at colposcopy (14th may) my issues and she said if they're willing to 'bend the rules' a bit they may acknowledge my other concerns, but she said  usually its, look at abnormal cells, maybe treat, and thats it, no deviating. I assumed i would be able to air my worries etc but it seems the colposcopy treatment is a bit of a conveyer belt.. was any one able to chat to the gyno or was it just in and out..? (so to speak..!)

So, more waiting...