I feel like I am going mad please help!

Quick recap - went to docs last year after continually bleeding for months (became so bad I became anaemic) had an ultrasound and they diagnosed me with PCOS and no treatment needed. Last 6 months - abdominal pain and brown discharge. Went to the docs and she was fantastic, internally examined me...no infection but enlarged cervix. (24 so too young for a smear) she referred me for an "emergency" ultrasound and a gaenocology app.


So...today was my ultrasound (only waited a week so very happy with that!) BUT I am now super confused. He started off by saying none of my symptoms relate to pcos....I have got it but it doesnt account for the bleeding/discharge etc. He said my womb is enlarged (possible fibrous tissue) and that I need a trans vaginal scan to look deeper. So I went out of the room as he said I need to empty my bladder. As he was doing the second scan he said womb looked ok and that it must have been the angle which made it look "different"?!! Anyway he said all sorts of things about fibrous stuff etc etc and then after he said to book an app in a few days with docs....but womb and ovaries look ok. Does this mean im fine? Why do I need to book another app when he knows that I am seeing a gaenocology soon.



I am a full time uni student and mum of two and my exams are in 2 weeks...but im so stressed. The technician said he was worried about different things and then kept saying oh no my mistake. What an emotional rollercoaster!  the doc said I would see a gaenocologist within 2 weeks but I booked it online and it said 4 weeks and that It was provisional until a consultant looks at it and agrees the referal date. I dont know what this means? I was not worried until the doctor said we want to look into cervical cancer. They shocked me with that and then left me here to worry without any answers. 


Im still stuck with this major debilitating fatigue which they wont help with yet as they think it may be all connected. Advice please...should I not be worried at all? 

Hello there, 

They have most likely just referred you back to your doctor as it was them that sent you there. But all the different departments and places you have to go will all have the information on your file. I can't really shed any light on what is happening for you but I would say think positive and you are in the best hands.Good luck and Keep us posted x