Please help with results

Hi everyone,


I recently had my yearly exam and my test came back positive for HPV. It was performed by a nurse practitioner and she has referred me to a gynecologist, but I have to wait several weeks and I’m worried about what is going on. She didn’t give me much information, but rather just the print out of the test results. Basically it says there is low-grade intraepithelial lesion; mild dysplasia and HPV. I read that is a low form of HPV and likely to go away on its own, but on this chart underneath this result it says HPV, HR HPV, 16 and HPV, 18 which I read cause cancer and are high risk results. The nurse didn’t explain anything about this and told me I should get a colposcopy and a smear test every 6 months after. Could you help me understand these results please? I can’t figure out how serious my results are. I’m super worried I have/will develop cancer. Thank you!



This isn’t cancer, but only mild changes classed as ‘CIN1‘ with high risk HPV. There are many different types of HPV, with 16 and 18 identified as high risk to cause cell changes. Try not to worry, as at this stage it’s possible that you could shake off the virus and the cells return back to normal.