Still Confused.....

Anyone else had this happen, I had a smear and HPV test on March 13th – results for smear were normal but HR HPV type 16 was detected.  I was sent for colposcopy and the consultant said he could only see changes from the HPV and even showed me the picture which didn’t show much.  He has since written to me with my biopsy results to say that there are mild changes indicating CIN1 and for me to go back in 6 months for a smear and colposcopy.

My question is – why didn’t the smear come back as abnormal or mild if CIN1 has been found or are the changes so mild that they haven’t affected the smear results yet?

It’s quite confusing.  This forum is great but I guess we all spend too much time on google!

Gemma xx


Hi Gemma, I'm also new to the forum but I might be able to help.

Simplifying things hugely, think of your cervix as a large disc with the centre being the entrance to the uterus.  The pap smear only takes cells from part (usually the centre) of the disc.  this is usually the area that is most problematic with changes

The colposcopy colours or stains (sorry, I don't know the correct term) the whole disc and highlights areas that have changes.  The gynae then takes samples from the areas that have changes.  Thus the areas of CIN 1 might have not been caught by the Pap smear.

The good news is that you have mild CIN 1 and you know about it.  Now you can keep an eye on it and get it sorted.   Best of luck <3


Cin1 is normal and goes away on it's own usually they just keep an eye on it now to make sure it doesnt

progress ... Seriously don't worry just be glad it's nothing worse :) if your young your cells change all the time anyway 


Hi Both

Thank you for taking the time to read my post abd reply, I appreciate it.  I'm 31 and have a history of normal smear/pap tests so its never been something I have worried about but I did contract warts last year which is when the HPV started.  I'm trying to remain positive that will regress naturally in the next 6 months but were see what happens.  

Wishing you both well - Gemma x