Results advice plz

Hey all
Had my colposcopy and biopsy end of January after 4 HPV positive high risk 16 & 18 - no abnormal cells detected on my smear. The colposcopy biopsy results came back mild cell changes.
Am still waiting for the official consultants letter to tell me what the next move is.
My concern really is my smear didn’t pick this up so wouldn’t really be happy with ‘oh it’s ok I can have a smear in a years time!
Anyone been in this situation and can tell me what may happen?
Thank you!

I’m not a doctor here, fellow hpv 16/18 positive. mild changes could mean CIN1, which you can heal on your own with stronger immune. There’s really no medication or procedure for this stage. It could also mean no dysplasia at all, just mild infections and again no medications for that either.

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Thank you for your reply!
Chances of cells clearing on their own if I can’t clear hpv?
More concerned about it not showing on the smear again x

Hi. Similar concerns here also! Ie cell changes not showing on smear. Seems the consensus is as replied above, but I’m also reading that cells can change quite alarmingly over 12 months, and not so uncommon it wld seem reading replies on here, so I get your worry. I’m in similar position ie hpv + no abnormal cells. But I had, what felt like mild period pain constantly, and made worse when I needed the toilet fot 9.5 wks after a smear, so am wondering whether that means abnormal cells? Can I ask you please if you experienced this also? I will be saving money for a private smear test in 6mnths time!

Sorry I don’t have periods as I take the contraceptive pill so can’t help with that side!
I do however suffer with hip and back pain.
I’m still waiting on my official results letter from the consultant at the hospital, but Yh like I said the main concern for me is that no abnormal cells were detected on my smear test results and only on the colposcopy biopsy so I wouldn’t be happy with a smear test in 6 months or a year as they weren’t detected in the first place!
I think your right time to save!!