Colposcopy results?

Hi, I had a smear in December which came back with mild changes and high risk hpv. This was followed up with colposcopy and biopsies. I have received a letter today which says that my results show mild changes. 'In view of the fact I had treatment some time ago, they will discuss my care at a specialist colposcopy team meeting' I had similar treatment 15 years ago after my first smear at 20. I was told I had precancerous cells that needed to be removed otherwise they would develop into cancer. What are your thoughts on the most recent result? Is it CIN 1? Don't really understand.

Hi there, I'm not sure exactly what those results mean but my pap smear showed ASCUS - HPV high risk type and my colposcopy and bioopsy last week showed that I have HPV CIN1. I have been tested negative for the most common high risk HPV types but may still have another high risk HPV type that was not type tested (its a separate test from the colposcopy, they check for the exact type that you have). 

What my doc told me just now is to check up again in 3 months time and there's nothing to do at this time. 

I am 27 and this is the first time I've gone through this.